Thursday, April 30, 2009

I’ll be back….

Computer down, so I’ll be back A.S.A.P

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Okay….I’ve had several requests for pictures of my home.  I had some older ones from late last year.  I was surprised that so many things have changed since then.  I’M SPASTIC!  I didn’t realize how much I really do move things and change things!  Anywho….here’s a few pics.!  The only order that these pictures are in is the order that I found them in the computer so they probably jump from room to room and back again.

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Left…really sorry lighting but a picture of the upstairs den.  If you can see anything.

Right…..probably my favorite piece of furniture in the living room.  Everything on top of it and on the wall above it has changed AND I’m going to replace everything on the wall again.  I told you…I’m sick!



My antique velvet sofa that previously belonged to my grandmother.  It’s been around since I was a baby!  That’s a looong time!  It is also in the living room.  I haven’t done it yet, but I’m ready to replace those pillows with brighter colors!

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Left…….also in the living room, this chair with all of the different fabrics.

Right……matching chairs in the living room with armoire against the wall.  That cute side table….I fell on it (yep fell on it) decorating the X-mas tree and broke it!  BAH!!



Bench with patchwork cushion and pillows in back entry alcove.


Guest bedroom.  Presently in complete disarray due to a major redecorate.  Again, sick sick sick!


Better view of the living room.   6a00e54ee60a16883400e551c482ea8833-500wi

Our master bedroom.  Above right of the bed.  Below the reading alcove in the bedroom.


Below….above our bed.  Some day I HOPE to get rid of that brass bed!  Hubby thinks it’s quite romantic because we’ve had it since we got married.  I just think it’s ugly and dated!

6a00e54ee60a16883400e551d977508834-500wi 011

The angel is on the brightly colored chest in the living room……today!

012 016

The dining room.  View from the living room.

002 003

Desk area across from bed in the master bedroom.

009 012 019 Chest that Heather painted for me to the left of the bed in my master bedroom.  the little shelf sitting on top is one of my favorite areas.  I like is soooo well that I will probably leave it there…..for awhile!

So that’s it for tonight.  I am TIRED!  I helped Heather paint giant lime green harlequin pattern on a wall today at someone’s house.  That’s a LOT of work (insert whine here) !  I was ready to quit after about 45 minutes!

Gotta go rest!


Monday, April 20, 2009

I just want to KNOW!

So….last week I was at the Rink “fluffing” my booth when two girls (I call ‘em) walked by.  They were probably in their mid-30’s.  And one said to the other “now what did she call that thing?”  and the other answered “she called it a finial.”  I was surprised to say the least that they had never heard of a finial.  Now I know that I do have the advantage of having been in retail for years but still I just have a curiosity about things, lots of things, and want to KNOW about them.  Just KNOW about the world and the things that surrounds me, the things that I see on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  To really LOOK and observe my surroundings and absorb knowledge and listen to what is being said and what interests people.  To SEE nature and observe.  I’ve even been known to stop by the book store and look up a certain species of bird.  I may not remember it for more than five minutes (ha ha) but it cures my curiosity for the moment.  Now I’m not by any  stretch of the imagination saying that I am any smarter than anyone else, in fact with my new-found lack of Estrogen, there are whole days, even weeks, when I am a wandering dummy!  I  guess maybe I am just more nosey or more inquisitive than some people.  I certainly have several friends who only seem to be interested in their immediate surroundings and nothing else.  That amazes me.  There are times when Heather and I will just get in the car and wander through Historical neighborhoods in our area, looking at the beautiful architecture, the gorgeous landscaping, and oohhing and awing over everything.   I like to watch the sky, whether it’s on a beautiful clear day or storm clouds are moving in.  Right now I watch daily as Spring arrives and nature changes the landscape of things.  There’s a brand new birds nest right outside of the window where I’m sitting that brings a smile.  I keep hoping for a glimpse of the mama bird.  Maybe this is why I love to blog so much!  I get to read and KNOW about all of you in other parts of the country or even other parts of the world!  It fascinates me!

SOOOOO………this is for all of you girls who need to know what a finial is!

001 002

These are finials!

003 009 007

I actually use them a lot in my decorating.  I especially like the grouping inside of my terrarium.  It’s become a fun seasonal place to change my vignettes.


And of course, most lamps have a finial.


Couldn’t help but take a few more pics. along the way!

004 005

Have I told you that I paid a whole $8.00 for that table!  AAHHH what paint and a talented daughter can do!  And YES I am bragging.  Hey….it’s a Mothers prerogative!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!


Friday, April 17, 2009


Well…..Heather and I had a very successful week “thrifting.”  We found quite a few goodies including some (of all things) unbelievably cute vintage x-mas decorations.  The kind lovingly sewn from felt with wonderful sequins and beads hand stitched on them.  They were in a sealed plastic bag with some real throw away junk.  When I opened the bag I was thrilled.  We paid $1.99!!  No pics yet.   I’ll photograph everything next week. 

Any whoooo……..


My garage sale find from last week has found a new home on my living room mantel.  I really love him.


Doesn’t he look happy with his other friends?


I have a recent romance with decorative matches.  I don’t smoke and I don’t even use them to light my candles.  I just think that they look cute mixed in with other goodies.

Well….that’s not much of a post but I should have some really really fun pics in about a week.   We’re starting a new job at someone’s house that promises to be fun fun fun!  She (the home owner) has lots of great “stuff” and she LOVES color!  YAH!  I can’t wait for this one!

See Ya!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I’m too pooped this evening to post much.  Been a long day and I have a cold BAH!!

I of course, did manage to get out today which is dangerous dangerous.  I think I have a slight shopping addiction which is NOT good at all right now.

I’ve had my eye on this cutie for months and she finally went on sale half off!

001 004

She’s everything that I love!  First there’s the crown, then the fairy wings and wand and then the fact that she reminds me of one of my Santos.  I was jumping up and down with joy (on the inside) when I saw the 1/2 off sticker!

002 003

I arranged her in an urn and she has the great honor of gracing my favorite new vignette area.  The dining room table.


She has a birdie to keep her company.


And a great view of the living room!  I hope she likes her new home!


When I arranged her in this urn, it occurred to me that I have quite an  obsession with urns.  They’re everywhere inside and outside at our house.

013 014 012 015 These are only a few of them.  I almost threw that last one in the trash because I dropped a mirror on it and broke the back side of it.  Now I’m glad I didn’t!  You’d never know it was broken.

HMMMM…….I feel a new post coming on in the future.  A thingsI’vebeenobsessedwithforyears…….kinda post.  It’s quite a list I assure you!

See Ya!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Saturday was definitely the perfect day!  First of all, the weather was perfect.  No wind, a miracle in itself, sunny, and the temperature was warm but not too warm. 

Many of my perfect days are days where nothing is planned, everything just happens and falls perfectly into place. 

So…..that was Saturday.  I took the T-man home to his Mommy and she had already been hard at work, garage sale shopping all morning.  Heather and I headed out, intending to run errands but…… garage sale signs were calling out name.  We couldn’t help ourselves, the car just kept veering down all of those side streets all on its own.  Fortunately for me, I was dressed for the occasion!  Ha Ha!  You know, tee shirt, jeans, and flip flops!

036 038

Not just ANY jeans!  The perfect torn shabby jeans.  Authentically torn I may add!  None of those expensive perfectly ripped jeans from a chic boutique!  No no indeed!  I tore these in 2007 in the shadow of Mt. Rushmore  with everyone looking on when I tripped over absolutely NOTHING and fell flat on my face!  I feel like the embarrassment alone should make them priceless!  Not to mention the bloody skinned knee and the tears that came when Hubby did not express the proper amount of sympathy!

037 040

And don’t forget the polish on those toes!  It’s mandatory you know!  HaHa!  Soooo……I’m sure that my attire alone must mean that we are going to score lots of goodies!  Right?  WEll….it must be right because we scored BBIIIGG!

002 004

Vintage floral vases.  My little Frenchy looking guy with velvety pants and jacket.  When I got him home I looked at the bottom and he was marked 1905!  I paid a whooping $3.00!


The perfectly tacky and in perfect shape damask drapes.  Two botanical pictures.  Heather and I both love anything with a botanical theme.


A vintage table cloth.  Never used.  Vintage sheet set.  Vintage pillow cases.


A cute scarf and vintage covered jars.  And we only hit 3 sales. 


I had to take a pair of these corbels home.  I’ll probably use them as bookends somewhere.  They came off of a house that Heather’s boyfriend is remodeling so she got them mega cheap!  Of course the fact that they are all chippie only makes them more appealing to us.

So it was a great day!  I was all “I love you daughter” and she was all “I love you too Mommy”  and we were just plain mushy and happy and grinning and silly and goofy and had tons of fun!  And that was just the morning!

We were still out playing when Hubby called and said “you wanna go riding”  oh yeah I do!  So I was off on part 2 of my perfect day.

009The Perfect Day -  Part 2

To be continued…………..

See y’all tomorrow!



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