Saturday, October 31, 2009

It’s Halloween !

Have a Bootiful Halloween everyone!

altered witch


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rainy Days

It’s raining non-stop here today.  Sometimes, that’s a good thing.  Don’t you think?  It forces you to stay indoors and accomplish something.  Okay okay……maybe you just sit, read , and have a nice cup of coffee.

Or sort through old trims and such.


And think of a new use for your vintage finds.


This little vintage coat is just crying out for some kind of cute project.



What do you think?  That flat trim looks adorable around the bottom.  And maybe tuck a couple of things in a pocket.  My question is…….do I hand sew everything or glue.  I would hate to ruin the coat, it’s in almost perfect condition.  Just a few little worn spots here and there.  Of course, those imperfections make it all the more perfect.


All of the above, including the little vintage doll bedspread, came from my mothers.  The initials on the bedspread indicate that this was apparently hers when she was a little girl.  

I started this little house a couple of weeks ago.  I still have to add glitter.  I cut the little window panes out thinking that it would be easier.


Instead it looks like it’s staring at me.  I keep adding little touches here and there but it only makes it scarier!


Oh well….I’m sure I’ll work it out.  One thing I know…..glitter makes everything better!

I’m having Halloween decorators remorse.  I took everything down and now I keep seeing such great displays on other blogs that I’m regretting it!   My decorating showed a lack of enthusiasm this year anyway.

Which doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned the season all together.



Hubby moved my concrete urn to the dining table for me. 



And I’ve been doing a bit of fluffing here and there.



If you’re like me and you haven’t had quite enough of Halloween……..check out The Old Painted Cottage HERE.

Chances are, you have already been to this wonderful web site, but for those of you who haven’t, grab a cup of coffee and prepare for some serious eye candy.  Click on cottage of the month, and October’s cottage will come up.  After you have drooled over all of the Halloween decorations, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will find links to almost four years of fabulous cottages.

Have Fun!


Monday, October 26, 2009

New Apothecary Design

Halloween is over at our house.  The decorations that I usually can’t get enough of were driving me nuts.  Probably because I’ve been doing so much sorting and cleaning at my Mother’s I’m feeling the need for organization and a sense of calm at home.  Or at least that’s my analysis of things!!  But I have to admit, I needed a new post for all of you girls out there! 

009 - Copy

Before above

After below


Since I hung this mirror over my favorite colorful chest, it’s been my favorite surface for constantly changing vignettes.



This arrangement was super simple!  If you have an especially deep jar like this one, fill the bottom with the natural colored shredded paper.  I think I’ve shown you this in a previous post.  Then, with that I added dried rose petals and the white dried delphinium petals.  Then stack 3 birds nests, starting with the largest one, one on top of the other.  Be sure and keep things uneven like I did here the bottom one in the middle and then the next to the right and the next to the left.  I also used three completely different nests not only in size but also in texture and appearance.  Work in several silk fall leaves around the edges.  If you are having a problem tucking these in the sides, use something like a butter knife to push them where you want them.  Next, I used other dried elements such as whole dried roses and sprinkled these along the top.  I tucked my three dried delphinium stems along the left side and THOUGHT I was done.  I stood back and took a look and decided that I needed more height.  Your finished height will depend on the piece of furniture where it will be placed.  So….I had to go BIG!

I found a silk potted paper white and stuck it in the back left side.  It was a good start but I still needed more.  This is where exploring your yard comes in handy.  Twigs are almost always good filler.  AND……they’re FREE!  I cut mine from a wispy vine that I have growing in the back yard.  Just start adding them here and there until you get the look that you want.  Finally, I added one more tiny twiggy nest in the top.





Those delicate twigs did not photograph well.  But it is really quite full and wispy.  You learn a lot about photography when you blog!


Speaking of photography, I loved these Princess and the Pea type photos.



Right down to that crazy curly white hair do!  Somehow, it looks just perfect in that photo!

As usual, I did not write down my source.  If anyone knows anything about these photos, please let me know so that I may give proper credit.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Thursday, October 22, 2009


I think it’s safe to say that many of us who haunt the decorating, crafting, and so on blogs in blog land are probably magazine junkies.  Or maybe it’s just me.  I would be embarrassed to tell you how many magazines I have purchased over the years, let alone how many I threw away after they sat in a corner for several years.  Which is not to say that I don’t have my regrets.  When I think about every issue of the original Victoria that I tossed out I GROAN with dismay.  I mean….it was such a GREAT magazine, don’t you think?  Timeless decor, great recipes, blah blah blah!

Today, I think twice before I toss.


I have magazines under tables.


Magazines not so cleverly disguised in corners.


Magazines in trays.

And these are just the ones that you can SEE.

Fortunately for my budget, good magazines are getting more and more difficult to find.  As we all know, many are not around any more, and others just seem to have run out of steam.

BUT….there are always exceptions!  Thank goodness!

I was at the book store the other day and spied a copy of the October Country Living.  I noticed that it was not only larger in actual size, but also thicker.  I wondered “what’s up” then noticed it was the British Edition.  $6.99 and worth every penny I might add!  Packed with oodles and oodles of eye candy deluxe!  I think that I may have purchased this magazine a couple of times and then kinda forgot about it.  But I couldn’t get home with this one fast enough!

cl2 001

Now who could resist this cover?  It has everything, don’t you think?  Right down to that perfectly worn blue on the shed back drop!

cl1 001

Gorgeous colors, textures, and images.

cl3 001 

Plenty of color for a color junkie like me!

cl4 001

cl3 001 cl4 001

I am totally and completely in love with these two lamps and their slightly odd sized shades!  Be still my heart!  I’m thinking chunky wood candle sticks, drilled through and a lamp kit installed and then I’ll have to scheme with Miss Heather on that lamp shade.  It has to be that same odd barrel shape. 

Apparently the November issue went on sale Oct. 15th.  I don’t know if we get it here in the States then or not. 

I WILL be haunting the book store for the December issue for sure!

So I’m inspired again………..for now!

Hope you are all having a great week!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome Autumn!

Fall is in the air here!  I know that some of you have already had snow, but here in Oklahoma, the trees have just started to turn. 

I am very much an Autumn person.  I thrive in the cooler less humid air and the beauty of the season.

It’s time to close the door on Summer and indeed Welcome Autumn!



The Mums bloom in abundance, combining with the colors of summer to produce a new kind of beauty.


The ornamental grasses take on a completely different look.


Each plant is different in their color and beauty.




I can’t resist the beauty of the beautiful oranges, reds, and yellows.  I could cut armfuls and arrange them in vases in the house.  Throw in some tall bare branches and twigs and, to me at least, your bouquet is every bit as beautiful as summer’s cutting garden.


Fall leaves reflect beautifully in the recent rain waters.


Looks like I may need to clean the bird bath!


Too chilly for wading though.  Even if it was 76 degrees here today!


My grandfather’s wheel barrow.  I think it looks like a piece of art, nestled among the fall foliage as it is.


The trees in the park behind our house are just beginning to find their first blush of fall colors.

The birds have either flown or are preparing for the winter ahead.


Miss Willow is busy stalking anything that moves!  Silly girl.  I could NOT get her to look up to have her picture taken for anything!  She absolutely was not interested!

Thanks to each and every one of you who visited my blog during Vanessa’s Halloween party Saturday.  I appreciate every comment so much.  I am still trying to catch up with my visiting.  I have certainly seen some beautiful decorations and read some fascinating stories during my visits.  I will (hopefully) be able to visit everyone by the end of the week!

Have a lovely week and Happy Autumn!  I know that it OFFICIALLY arrived awhile back, but I always need those gorgeous colors to put me in the mood, as it were!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome To The Party……

Yeesss……Welcome to Bella Manor!

You say you didn’t know that there was a Bella Manor?    Ah yes.  It is a well kept secret.  Once a year it rises out of the mists to welcome invited guests to a party so grand and wonderful that it is spoken of in hushed whispers for months after. 

Did you bring your invitation as instructed?  I certainly hope so.  Otherwise the location of Bella Manor will remain a secret as only certain “creatures” I mean humans are asked to attend.  YOU are among this years honored few!

haunted house purple - Copy

Aaahhhh…there it is now.  Rising from the mists.  It is a beautiful sight, don’t you think?  And tonight there is a full moon, to help guide the way.

haunted house boy - Copy

How thoughtful… of the permanent residents has shown up to greet you!  Doesn’t he look happy to see you?  He just loves visitors.

haunted house2

Please……make yourself comfortable.  Feel free to mingle with the other guests and take a look around.  Just watch your step.  Those floating candelabras have a mind of their own.  Grab one at any time if you feel the need for a little extra light as you proceed.

halloween table altereed

The dining room is a beauuutiiiful sight don’t you agree?  And such a wonderful selection of tasty treats and delightful drinks for your pleasure. 

Are you enjoying your drink?  Why is your hand shaking so?  Perhaps a stroll in the garden would help calm your nerves.

Such a lovely evening isn’t it?  Aaahhh, it looks like a few of the other guests are also enjoying the garden.

Why are you rushing off?  Oh I SEE, you wish to see more of the Manor’s beautiful interiors……….

Oh look!  Another of Bella Manors residents is offering fortune telling!  She seems to be motioning to YOU!

Lets see what she has to say shall we? 

Huuuum……what IS that strange glow?

Oh dear oh me oh my!  That stone is glowing strangely!  The room seems to be shifting and changing!  There’s a strange wind blowing.  The guests all look different…….everything is suddenly so so……strange!


That skull suddenly has a strange gleam in it eye!

yellow moon magical

A strange glow fills the room!

skeleton magical

The skeleton seems almost lifelike!

The owl seems to be trying to tell us something……

And the room began to spin and spin and spin………..

And JUST when you thought things could not POSSIBLY get any stranger……you find yourself in yet another room.  Filled with……oh my witches and fairies and such.  And they are all telling you how fortunate you are to BE there.  But you are feeling anything BUT fortunate.

witch complexion_edited-1

A strange witch with blue hair wanders by.  Selling her wares.  Complexion Powder.  For that perfect green glow.


Strange children.  They look as terrified as you feel!


Huumm…..she looks familiar.

girl with rat final

A sad looking girl……with her pet RAT!

halloween 2

More signs advertising ????what?


There SHE is again…..


Now THERE is a lifelike skeleton!

skull girl2

His bride no doubt.


witchy womens club

You’re invited to join a VERY special club.  It’s FREE what do you think?


pink fairy_edited-1

Aahhh…….FINALLY.  Two sweet looking little fairies.  They offer to escort you BACK.  BACK to your world. Away from Bella Manor and the strangest scariest party that you have EVER attended!  What do you think?  YES…..did you say YES?  You DO want to go back?   Close your eyes then…………….

009 - Copy


Oh YES!  Thing look almost, almost normal here!

012 - Copy

010 - Copy

019 - Copy



015 - Copy

017 - Copy

018 - Copy

Things seem much safer here.  Also…..somewhat familiar.  Which makes you very uneasy, I know. 

Perhaps it is time to leave this party, and blog hop along to some of the other parties!  You probably will not be talking about this party in hushed whispers for months to come.  In fact, just the thought of mentioning it to anyone that you know terrifies you!


Have a wonderful Halloween my little sweet!


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