Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

Are you ready?  Ready to resume all of those projects that we love to read about? 

Blogland certainly inspires me with my projects.  I’ve actually purchased paint in the last year from a bloggers recommendation.  The way I see it…..they have a beautiful home…..they have amazingly good taste… why not!  And the color was indeed perfect!

Around here, we’re ready to party!

Christmas has been put away for the year and we’re wearing our party hats!

Winter decor has taken it’s proper place.  P.S……I presently LOVE corks for filler!

All of our pets have been returned to their homes.

And I’m ready to paint.   The kitchen that is…….or maybe not quite yet.  It’s exhausting just thinking about it!

Do you have any projects planned for the new year?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Have a Very Bella Christmas!

We hope you have a Bella Christmas!

There are a few RULES that you MUST follow though…..

First, you must have the proper Holiday Couture.

And wear it with pride and confidence.

And your uuhhh……beau?  Must also be properly attired.

Whether he likes it or not…..

Okay….I might not be too thrilled either if this was my Christmas couture.


From Bella, her new beau Titan.

Denise and Heather!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas To Do List

Do you still have a shopping to do list?  Unfortunately, I still have quite a long one.

Which is why I realllly need to stay on track right now.

Which is why I reallly don’t need to be starting any home project.

Like painting the kitchen pantry.

I just woke up Monday morning, and felt inspired.

It’s actually a light blue.  These pictures turned out more of a light gray.

Yep…..much more blue in the paint than how it photographed.

This cabinet is one of those twenty some-odd years ago projects that I wish I had to do over again.  I would have put it up on feet so that it looked like an unfitted piece of furniture.

It was previously red.  As it turned out, I just love the way that the red showed through when I sanded. 

All in all….an amazing difference.  going from the dark red to the light light blue. 

I guess this is my precursor project to painting the rest of my kitchen cabinets in January.

Work must march on though.  I finished this lamp today to sell at the Rink.

This was the UGLIEST brass lamp ever.  What I did love about it, was the long skinny shape.  Unusual lamps are hard to find.

Love the way the shade turned out.  And isn’t it amazing what a little black spray paint can do? :)  Not my colors for sure, but how cute would this be in a little girls room?

I had started taking a few more Christmas decor pics. for you.

But then my camera battery pooped out!

Gotta recharge, and then I’ll try again tomorrow!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Heather’s Christmas

Thought I would share some pics. that I took at Heather’s house last week with you.

Her tree is all vintage ornaments.

From top…….

To Bottom!

More of the living room.

Love this piece that she found at a thrift store for her TV.  Apparently it was a Hotel dresser.  The PERFECT height for a stand.

She loves anything vintage as much, if not more than I do!

She inherited this beautiful desk from my Mom.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Here was her Christmas present from me.  She wanted a “splash” of color on her sofa.  I was supposed to make two shams, but I called her and said “you might want to rethink that.  It looks like a clown exploded on this thing.”  I know , I know, I’m a mean Mom.  But really…….that’s a LOT of color!

Maybe a couple of small round pillows for either side?

In the dining, sitting, whatever, room.

That last one is in the bathroom, believe it or not.  Does this girl go all out or what? 

Beside the sink in the kitchen.

On the front porch.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

I told Heather that if there were previous lives, she was one of Santa’s elves in hers.  She just BEYOND loves Christmas!

See you later in the week!


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Have a lovely weekend!


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