Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Never Say Never Part……??

It will come back to haunt your every time!

Such as never ever say “I will neeeever get another pet.”

“I have enough problems.”

Big dogs who think they’re tiny.

It’s always the WHITE sofa.


You know better Molly!

Cats a plenty!


There was this kitty that had belonged to my mother.  Living in that nearly empty house since his other kitty siblings had found new homes.  

PLUS…..he had mysteriously shown up right after my Dad passed away.  So my mother had  named him after my Dad.  That kinda made him a little bit special. 

Meet Jack…….

Oh, and pay close attention to my AMAZING pet photography skills.  NOT!

Attempt no. 1

Attempt no.2

Attempt no.3

Attempt no.4

I give.  At least I know why my floors have been so dirty lately.

Miss A has made it her mission to completely ignore him.

Molly has made it her mission to torment him endlessly.

And poor little Willow…….

Here kitty kitty…………

She’s totally traumatized.  Poor baby.

I actually had to put a litter box and her food in the master bathroom because she won’t leave the bedroom.

Why do we do these things to ourselves?  Like I don’t have enough to do.   I have to be a cat referee.  Breaking up fights and coaxing kitties out from under the bed.  Uhhhrggg!

Other than that, we’ve been choosing paint colors for my mother’s house.


Just choose something neutral.  A color that any buyer might love.  That should be easy, right?  HA!   So far, we’ve chosen the color for the master bedroom.  We’re also doing special finishes on the living room bookcases and the bathroom vanities.  New hardware also.  With the brick floors that my Mother had installed, the remodeled kitchen ,  the huge den with huge craft closet that she had added on, and the cute screened in deck that looks out into the backyard, we’re hoping that the house sells right away.

I’m still searching for the right color for the living room and the hall.  We need something that really reflects light as both areas are very dark.  If you have any paint suggestions, Heather and I would be forever grateful for your help.  We’ll probably use the same color in the other two bedrooms also.  Back to contemplating paint choices!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Starting those projects!

So sorry that I haven’t been blogging lately.  I have been soooo busy painting and projecting that I haven’t had  a spare moment.  Although it’s cooold here this week, we had beautiful weather last week and I was painting like crazy  trying to complete some projects for my booth at the Rink.  Did I take a single picture?  NO!  DUH!

So I’m cheating.  Yep you heard me right.  Cheating and showing you a project that I actually completed right before Christmas.

New stools for the kitchen.



I love this kitchen.  Including her stools at the counter.   So I decided it was time for the rooster stools to find a new home.  Just a couple of days later, I walked into the Rink and there they were!  Filthy dirty and in need of paint.  BUT…..only $15.00 each!

And here they are today.  Repainted and clean.  I left the bases the way that I found them.  Just cleaning all of the "yuk” off of them made a huge difference.   And I didn’t want mine quite as distressed.   I did use a light mocha colored glaze.   We really love them!  They’re lighter weight, easier to move to sweep under, and they swivel.  Much more practical for us.

Not much else has been happening at our house.

Lots of napping.

A little rearranging.

And that’s about it.

We’re starting to get my Mother’s house ready to sell.  It should make for some great blogging material.  We’re painting EVERY room in the house and staging it!  Yikes!!  But it’s time to move on.  It’s been kind of like a big black cloud hanging over our heads.  I promise to take the camera.  We’ll have some great before and after photos…….we hope. :)

See ya!



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