Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Affair With The Chair

First of all let me say that my Hubby thinks that everything that comes into this house, you know, “stuff” wise, is Smithsonian worthy.  I think maybe he’s watched Antique Road Show one too many times.

I try to tell him “sometimes junk is just junk.”  He’s not buying it. 

“No more painting everything white!” He says.

“Anything you say honey.”  I say.  Yeah, right!

I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do!

So there’s this SWEET little vintage chair that I brought home from my Mother’s.  In terrible shape.  Not good for anything except just looking cute.  Used to be red.  Now faded on one side from the sun. The leather seat is peeling up.  It NEEDs help.  It needs PAINT.

Tuesday, Hubby is going to be gone ALL DAY!  Yippee! 

I sneak my little chair into the house.  Just me… chair……and a can of white paint.   Aahhh…….the perfect morning. 

It’s looking soooo much better. I’m about a third of the way through my project.    It’s about noon.

Hey……I’m taking my time, enjoying my project.   Stopping for coffee……

And here comes Hubby!!  Waaayyy early!

And my chair and I are caught red handed.

Aaahhh ooohhh!

He walks in….his eyes get as big as saucers and he actually, and I’m not kidding, gasps!

Is that you Mother’s chair?

“What are you doing home so early!!”  I ask.

He didn’t even answer me.  He walked off mumbling something about he thinks we need to call the family together for an intervention.


So here’s my chair……..all painted.  What do YOU think?

I know!  Right?!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Come See Us!

If you’re in the OKC area tomorrow (Thursday) come visit our new booth at The Feathered Next, N.W. 63rd and McArthur, between 4PM and 8PM.  They’re having a sale, 15% off storewide and 10% off on furniture during this time.  If you’ve never been in, it’s a beautiful mall.  I know I already have my eye on a couple of things!  Hope we see you there.

Which has absolutely nothing to do with the following pics.  But… can’t have a post without pics. Right?

Dried single Rose from my 35th……YEP!  35th wedding anniversary earlier this month.

My paint by number that I found thrifting last week.  $1.50!!!  WOOHOO!

And just because……I’ve been playing with textures from Kim Klassen in Photo Shop.  Lots of fun.  Stop by her blog if you haven’t already!

Se Ya!!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Wallpaper questions

I had several inquiries about the wall behind the bed in my guest room.

It is actually a stone wallpaper with a brick wallpaper torn and hung in places over the stone.

This was hung at least five or six years ago so unfortunately, I don’t have any pattern numbers that I can give you.

The brick wallpaper is what is called “expanded vinyl.”  This means that it actually has a raised pattern and a textured feel to it.

I did Google “expanded vinyl brick wallpaper” and came up with some results.  If you are interested, you might check this out.

Hope this helps!

Happy Monday

P.S.  The paint color is Ralph Lauren Canvas Natural.  I LOVE it.  It goes well with any color that you put with it.  I wish my entire house was painted this color.   Wanta have a paint party?  :0)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guest Bedroom Reveal

It’s finished!  After moving my sewing area, I was finally able to turn our extra bedroom into something that I love.  I just put the finishing touches in place earlier today.  Sorry for the quality of my pics.  It was very cloudy today.

I love this vintage bed!  It is on wheels and is a little higher so there’s plenty of storage room underneath.  And best of all……it was FREE!

That’s an old architectural piece above.  It came from my Mother’s.  I just found the little oil painted landscape this week at a thrift store.  $3.00!

My not so impressive collection of cream colored vintage purses.  All three of them!  I won’t pay over about $6.00 so it may take awhile to collect more.  The lamp and shade….thrift store.  I recovered the shade and painted the brass bottom on the lamp.  The mannequin was one of my splurges.  I have so much fun with all of my “girls.”

All I had to do to this lamp shade was add the little flower.  I used a floor lamp that I already had.

I made the slipcover to use on an old vintage chair that I had.  The basket holds what few vintage linens that I own.


Almost the entire wall to the left of the bed is glass.  It is VERY expensive to cover!  What started out as “make do,” I now actually love.  Shabby Chic sheets from Target, cream colored drapes in the middle.  The valance is actually an old vintage piece of fabric that I found last year for $5.00.   I added the ruffle.  Everything is clipped on at the top.  For added privacy, I strung super cheapo sheers from Wal-Mart on a wire and hung them behind my make do drapes.

The valance wasn’t quite long enough, so I hid the shortage with vintage baby clothing and such.

Going on around the room, this is my corner unit.  It’s actually a computer desk.  The bottom opens and it has a fold out shelf for the keyboard.  Those bowls…….what can I say, I needed a place for cat food that Molly couldn’t reach. 

On the wall opposite the bed is my vintage bench that I shared with everyone awhile back.

Boy, that wall looks plain doesn’t it?  I guess I won’t hang anything there unless I just happen to find something I can’t live without. 

And finally, the wall to the right of the bed.

So that’s it.  My little slice of whimsy!  If I find something or maybe create something a little quirky and silly……this is the room where it finds a home.  

Sorry about the quality of the pictures.  I did the best that I could in Photo Shop.  I just need a new camera.  Which I could probably afford if I would stop redecorating.  :)  Oh well…..

Have a beautiful and happy Easter!


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Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Monday!

I know, I know…..for some of you who had to go back to work this morning after the weekend, it’s not the best day of the week.  Unless you accomplished a lot on your days off.  I’ve been a busy little beeeeeee around here!

This was probably my favorite find at Round Top.  In fact, we all loved them and we each took one home for ourselves AND several to sell.

Vintage wood grape picking trays.  They are HUGE.  About 3’ long. 

Mine took plenty of goodies to fill the entire tray.

I used several different items out of my hutch so it’s looking kinda empty.  Aaahhh…..what a shame.  Now I’ll have to start searching for things to fill it with again.  More shopping! ;)

Added Spring to my coffee table.  And changed the Chocolate velvet euros on the sofa to cream cotton matelasse.  Can you see where the animals like to lounge?  I’ve about given up on my constant fluffing.  It’s just part of life around our house.

Also finished painting this little cream Duncan Phyfe table.  I’ve had it forever but thought it was pretty well trashed.  Then Hubby took it apart and glued and fixed it for me.  Now it’s sturdy as can be!

Both sides extend and I love the little lion head pulls.  I also recovered my lamp shade in white scrim.  It looks so pretty lit in the evening.  It puts out the perfect soft glow.


Added eggs to my little thrift store bowl. 

Oops!  You can see some of my projects waiting to be finished in the background.  I have them stashed behind the sofa.  That’s what is so wonderful about blogging though, you can just kick things out of the way and everyone thinks your house is clean!  Ah oh…..I just gave myself away…….

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Update and Fun With Photo Shop!

Our boy won the costume contest!!  YIPPEE!!  AND……he won by an overwhelming majority.  His Mommy and T-Man are both so excited!   He had told Heather that he really really wanted to win this contest and the two of them worked so hard on this one.  You’re a great Mom, Heather!

Just couldn’t resist having a little fun with the photos that she took this morning in the front yard.





Congrats to our Mad Hatter!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It’s A Mad Mad World!

I just couldn’t wait to show all of you these pics. of my grandson. 

They’re having an event at T-Man’s school called “War, Peace, and All That Jazz.”  This event includes a five page essay and a costume contest.  Your costume can be either a real or fictional character from a certain time period.

After much costume consideration…..

Meet the Mad Hatter!

mad hatter7

mad hatter8

Heather put her heart and soul into this costume, I’ll tell ‘ya!  It started with four hours of thrift shopping to find the perfect clothes.  I wouldn’t have thought a pair of plaid men’s pants and a ‘70’s style corduroy jacket still existed ANYWHERE!  But she found ‘em!

mad hatter2

She painted the detailing on the pants.

mad hatter1

The original Mad Hatter had gray hair.  She couldn’t find an orange wig (a la Johnny Depp), so they went with the old style.  The hat was perfect, and only $10.00 at a local costume shop.

mad hatter5

mad hatter6

She made every single hat pin and all of the other detailing.

mad hatter3

The gold detailing on the vest was sponged on. And the lace was sewn on the sleeves of the jacket.

mad hatter4

She found the mini spools of thread at Michaels and strung them with jute string.

She and T-Man spent lots of time researching every little detail of this costume and all I can say is………….


Heather, you did an absolutely amazing job!  Good luck to T-Man tomorrow. 



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