Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Unfortunately, much of Oklahoma suffered the same fate as Missouri yesterday.  It was such a strange day.  You could feel the humidity in the air so heavy and oppressive, you could cut it with a knife.   About 3:00PM the sirens started to sound.

We spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon in the neighbors shelter, visiting with neighbors and listening to the sirens go off repeatedly.  We were very fortunate.

Not so with a community just to the North of us.  So much devastation.  So much sadness. A 3 year old little boy is still missing.  His 16 month old sibling did not make it, and his other sibling and his pregnant mommy are in the hospital.

To the South of us, also devastation.  So many homes totally leveled.  It’s very difficult to blog about anything happy or silly today with so much suffering.

Our hearts and our prayers go out to those who have lost so much.

May God help you through this time of loss.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Swoon Worthy!

I am just drooling this morning over a couple of new things that I had to share.

The first is the blog The Paper Mulberry.  Which I found through Belgian Pearls.  The most amazing images!  I am in love and I’ve only browsed through a couple of pages.

Which is where I found these…….




Gorgeous tiles from Welbeck.  An English tile company.  I love how they used them in that last photo with the hot pink tub. 

Yummy……yep, I’m swooning and wanting to tile something.  Anything!



Monday, May 16, 2011

Beautiful Monday

It is the ultimate perfect day here.  No wind.  Temps. in the 70’s, the birds are happy and singing.  Just one of those days where you’re  happy to be outside enjoying nature. 

I finished up some sewing over the weekend.  I was totally out of thread so had to make a run to Hancock’s.  I mention this because Tuesday Morning is right next door. I was NOT going in!  NO WAY!  But that mischievous me, the one who loooves to shop, just couldn’t help herself!  And I scored.

These cute numbered locking jars.  $3.99 each!!   I couldn’t resist.


This cute basket with bottles.  I had been wanting some of these bottles with the locking tops for awhile.  I can’t wait to either serve pink lemonade out of them or fill each one with a pretty daisy.  LOVE them!

So……these two new purchases called for a new vignette.  Of course!  Just so happened that I had a little display cabinet needing a new place to live.

I moved it to the dining room…..and had a blast filling it with goodies.

Collecting milk glass has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.  It goes everywhere!

I had no idea what a perfect match this little shelf was to my pine vintage chest.  Perfect!  And I’ve had both pieces for years.  Duh…..

My little dogs found a new place to live.

It had never occurred to me to move this little shelf downstairs and use it somewhere else.  In fact, I had contemplated selling it.  Sometimes, we just get stuck in that decorating loop and forget to step outside of our comfort zone.  Try it!  You may  feel like you just redecorated your entire room!  I sure do.  And my new vignette makes me smile every time I walk by it!

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Have a wonderful week!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Lovin’ The Slips!

I just finished another slipcover.  I have to say, it is getting a little easier.  Not much…but a little bit.  I’m upstairs working on my den/T.V. room now.
Back in the day when I purchased this chair and ottoman dark colors and the Ralph Lauren look were all the thing.

Here’s the before color.  Still in good shape, just not my style right now. 
And here it is now.  1 1/2 drop clothes later.

This chair has an attached cushion.  I’ll tell you….every piece is a new adventure.

Of course…..I needed new pillows.  The forms I already had, and most of the fabric came from a $10.00 box of scraps that Heather found at a garage sale last summer.  There was some GREAT fabric in there.  You ROCK Heather!

I’m  going a little more colorful in this room.  It’s where we watch T.V. and spend a lot of our family time together.
I also painted the chest that was already upstairs.  Heather suggested hot pink.  I panicked and hyperventilated at the mere thought.  I compromised.

Taupe with hot pink accents

I wanted it super distressed so I sanded the heck out of it.  Normally I clear coat all of my pieces.  I think I’ll try wax on this one though.  I’m going to let it cure for a few days.  It’s been rainy and humid here.

I’m liking this look.  Kind of a combination of new and old.  The old bowling trophies were my Grandpas.  Along with the old medals that I have laying in the tray.  And I would like a new lamp.  Something shorter and fatter with a barrel shade maybe.  More modern.
Next up……the sofa. YIKES!  I’m working my way around the room.  I was going to order a slipcover.  But now I like my chair so much, I would like for them to match.  Oh well, it’ll be a lot cheaper.  If my sanity survives. :)
If I make it to the fabric store where this fabric is…….

……I reallly want to use some of it for my sofa back cushions.  I hear it’s discontinued and only one place still has it.  Unfortunately, this piece isn’t mine…..darn it!
Have a great weekend!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whimsy Reigns!

In Heather’s world!  And what better place to enjoy a heapin’ helpin’ of whimsy than in your kids rooms!

We love LOVE this rocking horse that she just finished.


Does that “rock” or what??!! All hand painted, of course.

And a lamp shade that she just finished.



Adorable!  That polka dot cotton ruffle really set the whole thing off.  Beautiful work, Heather!

I just finished a slipcover project on a chair at my house.  Hopefully I’ll be able to take pics. tomorrow.

Are you having a wonderful week?  We hope so.

Happy Thoughts!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beautiful May

Spring!!  I love this weather.  Not too hot….

We’ve had wonderful rain.

The birds are singing…….

HA!  That was the best picture I’ve been able to capture of this little guy.  Cardinals… pretty.  And that was with the zoom!

I’m happy this week because I decided to keep these beautiful Johnson Brothers dishes.

I remembered them as being primarily blue and white, which are not my colors.  When I unpacked them, thinking that I would clean them up and get them ready to sell, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they blended so well with all of my colors.

I was also happy that I decided to keep this beautiful bird dish with lid.  It is so detailed.  These were my Mother’s and I’ve had them packed away while I tried to make a decision. 

Everything kind of set the Springtime bird theme for my hutch.

I threw in a few bright colored eggs and added a little yellow for a pop of Spring color.

I was able to use all of the cups and saucers by stacking them.  I can’t believe that I ever considered getting rid of them.  It’s a wonderful set with sugar and creamer, veggie bowl, salt & pepper, and even a coffee pot!

So……that’s my Spring hutch!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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