Tuesday, January 31, 2012

T. Time!

T-man and I have been watching the first (and only) season of No Ordinary Family on NetFlix.  It’s been  great DeeDee and grandson bonding time.  I have found myself totally taken with the set that is the families home.


While I’m not usually a fan of modern design, I found myself LOVING this home.  Lots of bright happy colors.



Yeah……I think I could live there.  I only wish I could have found more pictures of the set.   I always wonder what they do with everything when they disassemble a set?  

Only my grandson could find it totally normal that I was continually saying “oh….look at that book case!”  and so on and so forth.  After all, he has been raised around two crazy decorating women.


Then again, he was the kid who informed me that Tangerine was Pantone’s color of the year for 2012!

We’re on it kiddo!  We have furniture on the way to The Rink in the perfect color!

Love, DeeDee

Saturday, January 28, 2012



What happened to this month!?  I could have sworn that I had posted at least once.  It’s been a super busy month.  Heather moved to Yukon where we live and now is only a few minutes away.  The first part of the month was spent helping her move and may I just say O…..M……G….!!  The girl is the next closest thing to a hoarder.  We packed and packed and packed.  More on that later. 
Being within an arms reach of each other every day has made Heather and I a dangerous pair.  Lots of scheming and planning.  Which means,  It’s finally happened.  Heather is ready to let go of ALL of her painting secrets and teach classes!
Our first workshop will be Saturday Feb.25th.
If you live within driving distance, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of her eleven years of knowledge and REALLY learn how to paint furniture!!
close up furniture
If you are interested in painting your own furniture, we will be teaching techniques like the one above.  Including the super secret technique that she uses to achieve the look of gold leafing.  It’s a  jaw dropper, I promise!
monster hutch
The hutch above……distressing and glazing
This silver side table
The workshop will be held in my home (have I lost my mind) at least this first time, while we contemplate whether we should look for a permanent location, and believe me, I have MANY painted pieces to show you.
We will be teaching furniture preparation, paint selection, several techniques in color show through.  Distressing, glazing, crackle finish and final finish to preserve your work of art. Information on our favorite product and color selections.  Plus all of the tricks that Heather has learned over the years.
And here’s the best part…..this is a hands on workshop.  You bring your own piece of furniture with you and leave with it perfectly painted and the knowledge to repaint furniture  to your hearts desire!
Our workshop is all inclusive.  We will provide EVERYTHING!  Even a yummy lunch and snacks!
  • Date……Saturday February 25th
  • Time……9:30AM to 3:30 PM (or later if necessary)
  • Place…..You will receive further info. after you register
  • Cost……$150.00 all inclusive.  This means ALL supplies and paints needed…. and lunch.  PLUS hands-on instruction and just a LOT of plain old fun!!
We have a limited number of spaces available and several are already filled.  Please leave a comment on this post or e-mail if you would like to come.   WE ACCEPT PAY-PAL
Back very soon with other things that I have been up to!


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