Monday, August 12, 2013

My Powder Bath!

This bathroom has undergone several overhauls.  It is actually a full size guest bath that sits right inside the front door with a connecting guest bedroom right next to it.  When I turned the guest  room into my sewing room,  I kept finding myself closing the bathroom door and storing extra fabric in front of it on the bedroom side.  I finally gave up and blocked the door off on the bathroom side.

Here is the result.

  I wanted to hide the door so I used a piece of vintage bark cloth that I had and since it wasn’t long enough, I found this cute cotton gray polka dot at H.L. I just nailed the entire curtain across the top of the door facing.

I love that bark cloth!  I actually had it in my hand thinking of cutting it up and using it for pillows, but I just couldn’t do it.  Now, I’m so happy that I kept it in one piece.

I brought this little Duncan Phyfe drop leaf side table in from the living room.  Do you have certain little pieces of furniture that you will never part with?  That’s what this little table is for me.  I think it’s so cute and easy to place in different spots.
I moved my vintage bird cage in here to sit on top of my table.  Another favorite of mine is the little sun or moon pitcher.  It was my grandmother’s.
Directly to the right the sink area begins.  Some of the drawer and cabinet area are blocked, but that’s okay!  I just use it for storage.

My “Three Sister” vintage photograph.  A photo of my grandmother and her two sisters, and my cherub lamp.  I don’t have guests very often, but when I do, it provides such pretty lighting!
My mirror was an old cheapy from Sam’s that I painted with A.S. Old White chalk paint.   The wings are from H.L.
Then……to the right of that on the vanity…….

Is my giant Santos.  I hadn’t intended for it to be part of the décor in here, but when I claimed the guest room for sewing, I had absolutely no place to store it.  And the attic was NOT an option.  So here it stays.  It’s actually kinda funny.  People either love these things or hate them, can you imagine walking into this little bathroom and there it is!  Looking right at you!


The toilet/tub is a separate little area. 

The shower curtain is the Rachel Ashwell collection from Target.  I recently added the ruffle to the bottom so that I could pull my rod all the way to the ceiling because behind that curtain, in the bathtub, I store some of my Holiday decorations!
Hardware on the left, I already had.  So I found the other crown hardware at H.L. for the rest of the bathroom.  The cabinet paint color is A.S. French Grey, sanded through to (I believe) A.S. Aubusson blue.  It’s been awhile since I painted!
I hope you liked my little bathroom, I kept everything fairly neutral because it’s such a small area.  Yet I seem to have crammed quite a few of my favorite accessories in also!  
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  1. Your lamp is so cute. I am a huge fan of dim lamp light appose to bright over head lights. Blocking the bathroom is a good idea but that wouldn't work in my house - our bathrooms get much! I just put your blog on my side bar so I can keep a closer eye on what you feature here on your cute blog. I appreciate that you read and take time to comment on mine. Thank You!!!!! xoxo

  2. My favorites are the shabby white curtain and the bird cage on the table! Lots of lovelies here.



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