Friday, December 6, 2013

Wallpaper!….and snow

Here’s the view of our yard earlier today.


Ho Ho Ho!  Isn’t it beautiful though!?  And, as with many of you……Baby It’s COLD outside!

So today was the perfect day for a little indoor mini project.


Boy has it come a looong way since back in the day when I used to sell it.  And in a good way, I think.  Now, instead of papering your entire home, it seems that people are using it  to make a bold statement in one room or on one wall.


I just pinned the photo of this AMAZING wallpaper to my Pinterest board “Be Bold” last night.  In following the link, I have found that it is by a French artist, but have been unable to locate the source for purchasing the paper.  Then again, my internet has been spotty this afternoon, so I’ll keep trying.  I can pretty much bet you that it is insanely expensive.  It actually looks more like a mural.  I don’t see any pattern repeat in the photo.  Anywho…..I LOVE it.  It is a perfect whimsical combination of chalk board art and nature!


Anthropology is selling this paper.  Such an incredible likeness to old chippy ceiling tile.  And it is indeed expensive at $350.00 a roll. 


This is also from Anthro.  I did find it in their wallpaper section, but if I read correctly, this is REAL wood?  At least that’s what I understood.  It is peel and stick.  Again, awesome!  I can think of so many places to use it.

Anywho……back to my project……my tiny little 70’s wet bar area, the one spot in my living room I am always trying to ignore, was in desperate need of new wallpaper.

Here are a couple of before pics.



Can you see the black toile?


And here it is now.




Love it!  It is an “expanded vinyl” paper.  Which means that it actually has a texture to the background, and the damask pattern also has a texture.  My milk glass collection really pops now, and I love the white owl lamp that Heather so generously loaned me.  All in all…..this project took the two of us about an hour.  And what a huge difference it made.

If you are interested in this paper, you can find it here in OKC at Munger’s Paint and Wallpaper.  And it is very affordable!

Have a wonderful weekend.  And stay warm!



  1. Pretty wallpaper, Denise! Love your santos. We got snow yesterday, too. Along with the freezing temps. I don't think it's planning on warming up any time soon so I guess it will be around for a while.

  2. It IS cold here, Denise!! Brrrr. Your wallpaper is really beautiful. I just love the turquoise on the cabinets, by the way. XOXO

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