Saturday, March 28, 2009


I have always loved anything vintage, but since I have been more or less "hanging out" at the Rink Gallery several times a week, I have REALLY been passionate about it!

I picked up a couple of goodies while I was there yesterday.


This little miniature Collie dog.  I think Heather has gotten me started collecting doggies since I have seen her collection!  Any way, it just grabbed my attention!  Only $3.00!

Then I saw these!


Little miniature matchbooks with a Collie on the front!  Looked like a matching set to me!  Only $2.99!


Just last week shopped some of Heather's goodies.  She brought them in to sell but I thought they were cute (I don't know why she got rid of them) so I snatched them up and brought them home.

014 015

This miniature picture and this small tin plate.  The plate has a little bit of rust on it, but sometimes that makes it more appealing.  FREE!


This mark was on the back of the plate.  Even the emblem was attractive!

I also found a couple more old family photos tucked away in a sack yesterday.

018 019

An 8x10 of my Nanny and a photo of my PaPa when he was two or three.  I wish I had just ONE of the fabulous hats that she was always wearing in her photos.  Unfortunately, I acquired all of these old photos after her death.  I would have loved to have heard the stories behind them all.  She was always dressed so beautifully.  To hear her talk , you would have thought she came from a poor and destitute family.  I DON'T THINK SO!! 

OKAY!......So anywho, I thought let's take all of my inexpensive finds plus some that I already had and make a little vintage vignette!

025 023 024

I added in my new (old) trophy cup that I posted about last week, two old books from a childhood collection of my Dads, my favorite little lidded box (made in Italy) and a little bird nest with eggs.

020 029

I even added my little $6.00 mini runner!  I loved the finished look so much that I ended up moving everything to the table in my living room.


The trick to creating vignettes like this one is layering, stacking, and using elements with different textures, sizes, and shapes.  Not every inch of every item in your vignette needs to show.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is lining things up side by side. 



My dear, my DARLING talented daughter, painted this oh so AWESOME finial for me!


I love, love, love it to death!  And I have no problem what so ever mixing it right in with all of my fluff and vintage!  She also has some of these available for sale!  I am seriously thinking about starting our Etsy shop this week.  I think between the two of us we may have enough to make a reasonable start.


For me, "eclectic" takes on a whole new meaning!  I've had people walk in my house more than once and comment "well...I never would have thought to put those things together."  I'm not sure if they meant it as a compliment, but I'll sure took it as one!

Well....I guess that's it here for today.  It's been snowy yucky weather here today, so it's pretty boring around here.  Thank goodness for projects and blogging!

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Thank you for sharing how to create a vingette. What you've done is just beautiful. I would love for you to take us on a tour of your entire home. You are so talented! Looking forward to more....

    Robin in Maryland

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm glad you found me and now I've found your blog!! I love it! You are very talented and so is your daughter (who looks more like your sister)! Your treasures are awesome,and you put them together so well!



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