Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I’m too pooped this evening to post much.  Been a long day and I have a cold BAH!!

I of course, did manage to get out today which is dangerous dangerous.  I think I have a slight shopping addiction which is NOT good at all right now.

I’ve had my eye on this cutie for months and she finally went on sale half off!

001 004

She’s everything that I love!  First there’s the crown, then the fairy wings and wand and then the fact that she reminds me of one of my Santos.  I was jumping up and down with joy (on the inside) when I saw the 1/2 off sticker!

002 003

I arranged her in an urn and she has the great honor of gracing my favorite new vignette area.  The dining room table.


She has a birdie to keep her company.


And a great view of the living room!  I hope she likes her new home!


When I arranged her in this urn, it occurred to me that I have quite an  obsession with urns.  They’re everywhere inside and outside at our house.

013 014 012 015 These are only a few of them.  I almost threw that last one in the trash because I dropped a mirror on it and broke the back side of it.  Now I’m glad I didn’t!  You’d never know it was broken.

HMMMM…….I feel a new post coming on in the future.  A thingsI’vebeenobsessedwithforyears…….kinda post.  It’s quite a list I assure you!

See Ya!



  1. Denise, she is AMAZINGLY beautiful!! Good buy, whatever it cost! 1/2 price! Awesome!

  2. Easy to sew! For you with all of the talents in every direction maybe!

    Maybe i'll be better now that I'm an adult!



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