Thursday, May 28, 2009


As a child I always loved to play dress-up with my Nanny’s hats.  She had quite a collection.  She kept her hats way in the back of her cedar lined closet.  The closet was situated on the side of the staircase leading upstairs so it was very deep.  It was like an adventure to crouch down and delve deep into those back shelves and pull out all of those lovely hats, the smell of cedar surrounding you.  Today I don’t have a single one of them.  I don’t know what happened to them but it makes me very sad.  I would have loved to have at least one of them.

nanny2 001 001 nanny with hat 001 pictureee4 001

The first and the third pictures are of her.   The other two I’m not sure about.  I am very fortunate to have a wonderful collection of vintage photos.  Unfortunately, they were acquired after her death so some remain unidentified.


Of course, men also wore hats most all of the time.   Do you think they even mowed the lawn in a suit and hat?

001 (2) 

Babies wore hats

girl with flower 001

I had to include this one.  My one and only time as a cover girl!


These are NOT from my collection.  It just makes you wonder……was it silly hat day or something?  I would hate to think that such a goofy picture of me was wandering the world even after my death.  Then again, I’m sure these two ladies could never have imagined anything remotely close to the internet!  If there is any significance to these two hats  that you know about, let me know.  I’m very curious!

Sooooo…..what got me started on this whole hat thing?  Well day before yesterday I was with Hubby visiting a friend of his and there in the most unexpected of all places where you definitely would not expect to see them were all of these vintage hats.  Of course they immediately drew my attention and I commented on them.  This friend then said “go ahead and pick one out that you would like to have”  I snatched up the one that I had been admiring and then thought that wasn’t very nice.  Talk about greedy!  So I went into the “oh that is so nice of you but I really couldn’t”  token protest.  He said “no go ahead, really”…….I snatched it back up, said thank you, thank you, about ten times and we were outta there!  Hope he hasn’t changed his mind.

Now it’s not the crème de la crème of all hats, but it’s a cutie.


Chocolate brown wool.  Love the original little pearl pen.


My mannequin loves it!  She wears wool and jewels  and fur year-round you know!  She’s such an eclectic girl!  Bling, wool, fur, and even a little tattoo art!


I’m really beginning to think she needs a name.  Something exotic and exciting.  Hmmmm…..

So anywhoo…….I was suddenly all into this whole hat thing reminiscing and everything.  Maybe that is why when I saw “a day in the life of a hat junkie” on someone’s blog roll , I just had to see where it led me. 

Somewhere wonderful, that’s where!

Anna at Hat Junkie!

She makes the most amazing glorious hats and sells them on Etsy!

hat pic.

This is one of her summer hats.  The flower in the middle is made with a vintage hankie. I’m saying she actually MAKES the actual hat and embellishes it!   Her fall/winter collection is my favorite.  She is a wonderful designer and uses such perfect fabric combinations.  Be sure and click on the link above and check out her blog.  She is a very talented artist.  Millinery is an art, don’t you think?

Sooo……I don’t wear hats because I think I look like a total dork in one.  But one of hers would be glorious just to display.  I’m sure my mannequin what’s-her-name would love to have one!

See y’all later!



  1. popped over from Gathering Nest. What a great post!! I own several completely useless but wonderful hats.

  2. What a great story! I absolutely love hats and wear them all the time in the summer with my dresses. I wish that men still wore hats. I love the way it was years ago even if it was before I was born. LOL! So much of the charm of yesteryear is's a shame! ~Stacy~

  3. my manequin is named Betsy....and she is wearing my Dad's old cowboy hat right now with nothing else...and my 12 yr. old son comes over and throws a shawl on her ;)

    hope you've been good! or not ;)

  4. Just popped in to check out what you were up to. What a treat. Thank you so much for the feature. Those photos of your grandmother are incredible. she was a total beauty. I find that most people that believe they don't look good in hats just haven't found the right one. It's very possible that your head size is larger or smaller than the one size available in most stores. In your grandma's day all women had their hats fitted. My greatest pleasure is proving to someone who believes they can't wear hats that they really can. And above all it's attitude. As for the hat photos. I doubt the basket hat was a real hat, but there was a time when hat fashion was about how big your hat was. The hats were very heavy and cumbersome and if chiropractors had been around they would have made some money, but I don't think they were quite as big as in the photo. I look forward to all your artful posts. Happy Hatting. Anna


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