Monday, May 4, 2009


Thank you to everyone who joined in for the “Why I Blog” party Friday!  My computer was just barely back up in time for me to participate.  Your comments were lovely and soooo appreciated and I love to see that I have more and more people following my blog!  I’m sure it’s just a silly thing on my part but I get so excited when someone makes a comment or I look and see that my number of followers has increased!  I know…..I live a sad sad and simple life!

Anyway……….I have some not so sad OR simple things to show you!

I have been busy busy redecorating as usual!

In the kitchen I apparently am NEVER going to get new counter tops so if you can’t fight it………

Pull in some bright colors?

011 010 014

Like a black and white valance, Heather’s hand painted finial, and some brand new (not to be used) HAHA! CUTE new towels!  I also need to change that cord cover on the chandelier over my sink.  It’s a yuk brown.

012 013

This is where artificial plants come in handy!  It gets so HOT in this window during the summer that anything live absolutely fries.


I also had to have this cute apron.  I’m sure I’ll never wear it, but it sure makes a cute piece of art just hanging on the cabinet!


I finally got started on the downstairs bedroom.  Hubby and I moved the tree bed to the opposite wall and believe me… weighed as much as a ten foot tall LIVING tree.  It was quite an ordeal!

007 003

The matching lamps (one shown above) have already gone to the Rink Gallery to sell.  But I really loved my velvet and silk pillows so they have found a new home.


In the living room!


I was more than pleased with the way they looked on my vintage pink velvet sofa!

018 019

The matching tables found new homes on either side of the sofa. 

And the bedroom……is still a HUGE work in progress! 

021 022 020

I did hang my sheers on wire and love the effect.  I’m going for a real shabby chic look.  I also, on a spur of the moment type thing, did a collage treatment across the top of that entire wall.

025 026

I found this Target shabby chic duvet at the Rink for $28.00!  I had been looking at it at Target and I saved a fortune!  I folded my white matelasse  coverlet across the bottom and draped my fun polka dot and stripe quilt over the foot of the bed.  Still looking for the perfect Euro shams and such !



Moved the living room table to the bedroom and rearranged a few little goodies.

027 029 028

And moved this wire display piece against the wallpapered wall.  This wall will remain papered.  It’s WAAYY too much work to remove.  The rest of the room is a work in progress!  More later!

Hope that everyone has a wonderful week!!



  1. I count everyday ... lol You did a great job! love the pillows. thanks for the sweet note that you left in my garden.

  2. My thoughts exactly. Did you ever see the post I did on my little jar with a bird inside, much like yours?

  3. I have a question, the picture you have of the curtain and the bird paper, what is that? Is that wallpaper? I just love it..I making my guest bedroom all birds and I would love to have something like that on one wall...

    Also, I have a blog and was wondering if you would like to be a

  4. I love it when I see people rearranging rooms, etc. Such inspiration everywhere! Lovely job ~ also, I adore your velvet sofa! ~Stacy~

  5. I love those pillows. Light blue and brown is my favorite color combination. My whole house is pretty much in that color combo.


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