Monday, June 15, 2009

This & That & T-Man!

Well……I have the distinct talent of being able to be as vague as possible when I post about events.  So after rereading my last post, I saw that it was no wonder that everyone thinks that T-man is my son.  He is in fact my daughter, Heather’s son.  So sorry about the confusion.  I guess that I refer to them as “my babies” because she is my only child and he is her only child.  I also have two gorgeous step-sons who live out of state and they have a beautiful 11 year old daughter and two gorgeous  red-headed little boys between them.  They have just never quite understood the blog thing so I never post about them.  I don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable.

So anywho…….no matter!    Just to clarify so that if I say something down the road that doesn’t “jive” you won’t be going “HUH?”

This has been a rough surgery for T-man!  I am absolutely glad that I am Grandma because he’s been at home with Mommy taking care of him!  The worst pain seems to be from the deviated septum surgery.  Heather had to take him back to the Doctor’s office the other day and after the appointment he passed out cold in the hallway.  Thank goodness they were IN the Doctor’s office!   He won’t eat, he won’t drink, and Heather just got through at the Doctor’s office where they took the splints out of his nose (which by the way, she say were ginormous!)  The Doctor said he’s extremely dehydrated, and he has 24 hours to get it “right”, or they’re going to put him BACK in the Hospital and put in an I.V. to hydrate him!    All I can say is if the pain from a nose reconstruction compares to the pain this kiddo has had, I could have a beak the size of a Pelican and learn to be happy with it before I would go through this!   UUGGHH!

Heather has her surgery on Wednesday!  I hope that T-man is ready to come stay with me by then, he’s been a real Mama’s boy since the surgery!  I can’t say as I blame him either!  The kid just needs to drink, drink, drink!

While I’ve been at Heather’s (which has been almost  every day) I took a few pictures.



There’s a funny story behind that chair.  It was one of our first dumpster finds!  We were driving down a street one day and there, on top of this huge heap of garbage was this metal chair!  Of course we had to stop and throw it in the back of the car!  We’ve gotten lots of goodies since then!  We’re pretty shameless when it comes to our junk!  Heather is much more brazen than I am though!  Some people just don’t get it.


Heather’s Chihuahua!  She doesn’t understand that the kitty is bigger than she is!


“Who says I’m not tough?  Let me at ‘em!” 


At home………


I found one more picture to hang in my little sanctuary area.


WOW!   It really is vintage!  (No wise cracks please!)



I felt a little goofy going into Barnes & Noble the other day to buy a hand!  I also bought a book from the bargain area, just so I wouldn’t look like a complete weirdo!


Couldn’t resist this little vintage piece at the Rink this weekend!  I bet you can guess which room it’s in…….


Look at this awesome vintage table cloth that Heather found at a garage sale!  She’s keeping this one.  I sort of “borrowed”  it.  I’m going to use it for the Mad Hatters Tea Party.  Oopps!  I don’t think I was supposed to let that slip out!

Which reminds me………the tea party is coming up soon!  Be sure and join us on June 27th!  I’m scheming and planning and I promise lots of good pics.! 

mad tea party

ALSO………that day, in honor of the party, we’ll  have giveaways.  We’ll be drawing names from people who comment on the tea party post on our blog! 

ALSO…….we have a BIG BIG surprise that we’ll be announcing that same day.   Ah ah ah!  We can’t be telling our secrets!   Nope,  not even a hint!  No way, you’re never gonna get it out of me!   That’s right…….you’re just going to have to wait and see.

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  1. If i did not see so many creative people in blogland, i would think buying a hand is kinda weird.
    Good you bought a book just in case. =0))

    Thanks for coming by and for signing up to follow my blog.

    You are #98. Two more and we'll have two winners!!

    barbara jen

  2. I love your blog, your pics, and your creativity. This is like a Calgon moment stopping here. Hugs to Heather. I hope her recovery goes well.

    Thank you for creating a relaxing place to come sit awhile in peace....

    Hugzzzzzz to you all...


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