Monday, June 22, 2009

Timeless Design

Do you find that certain styles or colors have a timeless appeal?  I think that a neutral palette is one of them.  Whether it’s used in a more contemporary setting or in a more shabby chic room it is a look that I always find beautiful!

slip covers2

Certainly, no one does this look better than The Curious Sofa (pictured above.)  These chair slipcovers are to die for!  I was positive that I needed one until I called to check on the price.  $240.00 each.  More than a little out of my price range.  For now, I guess I will just have to dream.

neutrals 1 001

I love this room.  Neutrals but with a touch of color here and there.  Like the turquoise color in the built-in china cabinet.  Set off by the neutral dishes.  How about the pale pink treatment over the door?  I would have never thought to have done that.  Which is one of the reasons it appeals to me.  The totally unexpected!

neutrals2 001

How about this ceiling treatment instead of a traditional ceiling medallion.  Brilliant! 

neutrals2 001

Those sepia toned drapes!  And it looks like instead of reupholstering the entire sofa, she just reupholstered the cushions, using some ticking fabric.  Love love love it!  Also the trolley turned coffee table.

You can see more pictures of this gorgeous home in the magazine “100 Ideas Flea Market Style” published by Better Homes and Gardens.  It came out this Spring and has some great stuff in it!  I’ve about worn my copy out browsing through it!

Neutrals with a touch of sepia tone and a splash of color here and there.  I could totally do that!  Color must just run through my veins!  I always start out with great “neutral” intentions but end up with color color color!

So…….I went on a little treasure hunt.  And, to my surprise, found that I actually own more neutrals, mostly in accessories, than I thought.

Honest to goodness, I just had these draped over a chair after laundering, waiting to be put on the “tree bed.”  They looked so pretty and fresh just hanging there, it’s actually what gave me the idea for this post.

Crystal chandeliers!  The ultimate in bling AND neutral color.  You can’t miss with crystals!  They go with everything!

My beautiful Santos!  I swear I have posted more pictures of her than my family!  She can’t run away or protest. 


Ruffled cotton sheers!  I also love lace!  They make a room look so romantic and give the illusion of cool breezes while still letting in some light.


Old photographs, mercury glass, silver and a bit of lace.  If you don’t have any old family photos, the flea markets abound with them.  It’s fun to pick through them and purchase your favorites!


A collection of bottles with crystals, etching, pearls, mercury glass, and gold accents mixed in.  All of which adds that extra little bit of texture to make it an interesting arrangement!


More bottles with a venetian mirrored frame in the background. 


My late Grandmother’s silver which I am very proud to own.  I have the entire set and try my best to take excellent care of it!  Displayed in a chippie white and rusty planter.  I love the contrast.

A beautiful neutral vignette.  I also love my cheap costume jewelry.  It finds it way into vignettes around the house much much more than I ever actually wear it.



I could have a whole collection of trophies.  Unfortunately I can’t afford the vintage ones.  Cloches are always fun.  I do little seasonal arrangements under them.


Soaps in a glass jar.  Sitting on a silver tray.  The lamp in the back ground is silver with a grey crushed velvet shade.

Another thing that I’m really loving of late, are the pillows made of burlap and bleached muslin with the vintage grain images and other French sayings on the front.  I think they go perfectly with the whole neutral color scheme.  Which I may be scheming towards myself…….we’ll see……it’s a thought anyway!


Don’t forget!  The Mad Tea Party is this weekend.  It all starts with Vanessa at The Fanciful Twist and is sure to provide some beautiful pictures.  Don’t  miss it!

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! Can I tell you how much I love this post,that is one of my all time fav. houses,I love it,I tried to do the ceiling thingy but oh my was bad news! Love all those photos, so glad I came by,talk soon,Chrissy

  2. love all the photos....chippy and white....the perfect combo!
    i have GOT to get over to curious sofa one of these isn't far from me at all. what am i waiting for?!
    have a wonderful day.

  3. You post the most gorgeous photos & vignettes Denise!! And your Santos! well she is spectacular & looks wonderful wearing a crown!

  4. Beautiful post and the table and chairs in the first photo are to die for. thanks

  5. They are all gorgeous, but I am really taken with the ceiling treatment. All just beautiful....julie

  6. I love everything neutral too but it is hard to get away from some color. I struggle with it too. Probably why my house has different themes in every room. Crazy!!!
    The ceiling frame if fantastic. I wonder how hard it would be???
    LOVe this post!!!!!!

  7. Oh what a wonderful post. I love that first picture with those chairs and that table, gorgeous. The rest of it just flowed all together.
    I am so glad I found you while blog hopping.

  8. Neutrals are my absolute fav! What a fabulous post. Who needs a magazine when you have Bella Dreams!!!

    My Desert Cottage

  9. Tres fabu! I love it all! I too am becoming more drawn to neutrals these days! Probably because I've always surrounding myself with so much color.



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