Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend! Part 2

So…….I got all of the pictures taken this afternoon and downloaded so that I could finish yesterdays post.  You’ll notice that I have officially declared it “SUMMER”  at Bella Dreams.  This great epiphany came about after I about burnt up and fainted on the back of the bike on the way home from Arkansas!  I was soooo hot that I pulled my jeans up above my knees so I could get some air on those white white mayonnaise colored legs!  I probably blinded every driver between Arkansas and Oklahoma!  It’s a wonder someone didn’t report a UFO sighting they are so white!  So…anywho, back to Eureka Spring…………

………………A girl, by all appearances a “biker” girl, wearing jeans, motorcycle boots, a Harley tee shirt and a black scarf with little white skulls on it , walks into the CUTEST shop that this “biker” girl has seen in a very long time.  The first thing she says is “O.M.G.!”  The shop owner kind of smiles in response and then turns toward her cash register, probably wondering if this tough looking chick is going to rob her or something.  Little does the shop owner  know that underneath those biker clothes is a girl, like any other girl……..no, no, wait!  That’s not right!  She’s not like any other girl.  Okay, actually, she’s not a girl at all, but she FEELS like a girl most of the time.   She’s not ORDINARY at all!  Why,  just the night before she discovered yummy, yummy Pomegranate Martinis which she can’t WAIT to share the news about with her blogger friends!  YES!  That’s it!  She’s a blogger!  This alone makes her anything but ordinary!  In blogland, EVERYONE has a wonderful imagination and loves to discover new and exciting things and places to share with their blog friends!

Realizing that her appearance may be a little deceiving, she says “this is such a darling shop, is it your?”  The shop owner says “why thank you, yes it is!”  Biker girl goes on to explain that underneath those clothes beats the heart of a true shopper and lover of all things wonderful!  Thus…..a conversation begins!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Shop shop shop shop!  The first thing that I see is a cute little birds nest that I can’t resist.  “I’ve gotta have this!”  I tell Hubby.  “But this is the first shop we’ve been in!  You need to wait.”  Men just absolutely don’t “get” it you know? 


Yep!  He sees it my way after the “look” and takes it to the check-out counter, all the while shaking his head.  Then I see something that I just knew I had to have.  Have you read the new Where Women Create? 

shoes2 001 shoes 001

Did you see what Sandra Evertson did with her old shoe forms.  I was in love!

There, right there in that shop were a pair of shoe forms!  $28.00 for the pair!  They weren’t exactly the same, but close enough and what are the chances I tell "’ya!

Hubby says “what are you gonna do with those things?”   Ooh these clueless men!

So, I started on mine today.  Not as cute because I didn’t have any vintage pieces. 


006 007

But I think they’ll be cute enough when I’m all through with them!  I really fell in love with the little pink rhinestone Bees.  The buckles came off of a pair of my shoes that I never wear.


I have been an admirer of religious art for some time and found this canvas in a shop that was closing.  $15.00!


And this cutie.  It’s a hanger with the top of it shaped like a cat’s head! 


I’m using her like a piece of art in my bedroom.  I dressed her in a little short black dress and hung a little extra bling around her neck.   See there!  You ladies understand, right?


She’s going to love her new home.  That’s really all that I bought.  We were on a motorcycle you know, and had NO room to pack anything.  I have to say, Hubby was very accommodating after I refused to give in and not buy anything large.   A bargain’s a bargain you know?  Especially if it’s something you know you will love!  All in all he’s a pretty good guy.  He was shopping Eureka Springs with his crazy wife,  even carrying my packages for me and buying me iced coffees while  about 90% of the bikers were at a bar called “The Rowdy Beaver”  Nope I didn’t even make that one up!  Priceless huh?


Oh yes yes!  Back to that shop that the “biker” girl loved so much!



Notice the tree trunk center beams all the way through the store.


The shop is Cottage Caboodle

contact the owner, Linda McFarlin HERE

This will  also link you to her blog.  The pictures and the story that she has about the building are interesting.


So……..it rained today.  One of those perfect rains with just a little breeze and no lightning.  You know, the kind that you used to play in when you were a kid!  So……I made this little fresh arrangement just for you!


003 020

Let’s all Celebrate Summer!


  1. Hi There!!! I wanted to come by and say Thanks! for becoming a follower of mine. I will try not to disapoint! I'm so glad you came by...you lead me to your wonderful blog. I have been so entertained by your stories. Your blog is wonderful. I'm adding it to my blog roll. I look forward to reading your next post!!!


  2. great old stuff. thanks for share. see you on my blog

  3. Denise, thanks so much for all your wonderful comments about my store! I so enjoyed meeting you and chatting with you and your husband. I love what you did with the shoe forms! I've just spent the last hour absolutely fascinated with your blog -- what a gorgeous home you have and what wonderful projects you do. I'm beyond impressed. Please come back and visit us soon!
    Linda at Cottage Caboodle


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