Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I used to LOOOVE clothes and shopping for clothes.  And shoes, what woman doesn’t love shoes!  I can remember a time when comfort came way way last.  It was how cute the shoes were and how they looked on.  This love of clothes, which I am sure holds true for most women, began when I was a child.  I can still to this day remember some of my favorite outfits.  Of course back in “the day” little girls weren’t allowed to wear pants to school.  Skirts or dresses only.  One of my favorite outfits was a little fitted dress with cap sleeves, I think it had a crinoline petty coat underneath and it was made of a soft black and cream ticking design fabric.  It had a bolero jacket that went over the top that was piped in black velvet and little red velvet strawberries with seeds made of pearls that pinned onto the bottom of the skirt.  I just wish I had the velvet strawberries today!  And then there was the white Easter dress with the organza sleeves.  Think I’m kidding……….


O.M.G.!!  Okay, so I don’t remember looking like that in it.  And the hat!  My Mother should be arrested for child abuse!  Someone please tell me that I have grown into my TEETH!!


And HAIR!  Yep!  Had to have the perfect do!


Oh yeah, add a big bow on top!  That’ll make it allll better!

So from there…..I couldn’t locate many pictures.  And really, I don’t have the heart to frighten you more than a few times…..ha-ha!

So, we’ll skip forward to the 1980’s!  That had to be the WORST decade EVER for fashion.  Remember the shoulder pads?  And the goofy disco fashions?  Well…..as luck would have it…..I kept a few of those outfits.  HEY, you never know when you may need a good Halloween costume, or just a good laugh. 

Let it NEVER be said that I wasn’t a fashion diva in the 80’s!


Now I ask you…..how could I EVER get rid of this beautiful black suede jacket.  Complete with dolman sleeve, plenty of rhinestones and shoulder pads wide enough for a football player.  I was stylin’ I tell ‘ya!


And how about this 3 piece pant suit?  Complete with matching top underneath, plenty of rhinestones again AND faux snake skin!  Are ‘ya jealous yet?

Of course, no outfit was complete without the perfect shoes!

010 011

I bought these to-die-for beauties in Las Vegas one year.  A perfect example of “what happens in Vegas SHOULD HAVE stayed in Vegas!”

012 013

Of course, you can NEVER EVER have too much Gold lame’!  These puppies actually have quite a bit of wear and tear on ‘em!  Pretty scary huh?  HEY!  It just so happens that they went with everything!

Now of course…..you need some fancy accessories to go with your fancy clothes. 


I know…..you’re speechless! 


Just had to show you the ACTUAL size of that gorgeous wrist watch!  Are  you jealous YET?

And…..I have a theory about the hair do’s in the 80’s.  You had to have big hair to offset the shoulder pads.  Otherwise, you would look like a pin head!


And yes…..that sweater had shoulder pads. 

So….today I normally wear jeans and tee shirts or Capri's and tee shirts. 

But what if you had to choose a picture that defined your perfect style today?  It just so happens that I found the perfect picture.


I love this outfit.  From the layered pearls to the torn jeans and the shoes.  Even though the heals are waaayy to high.  I MIGHT be tempted to buy them for looks, doubt it though.  That picture is so “me!”  So then you’re left wondering…….in another 28-29 years, will I look back at this and laugh?  Then I thought who cares!  In 28-29 years, I’ll be lucky if I’m not wearing adult diapers. 

Have a lovely day!



  1. O.K...that watch made me laugh out loud!!! What a great post,your a brave girl to let us see all those pics...hey,I got married in the 80's my wedding dress still fits and for a joke last year I put it on and ran over to my friends 2 doors down, thought she was going to die laughing!!! Talk soon,Chrissy

  2. OMG!! I am laughing only because I, too, had some of those lovely outfits from the 80's!! And don't you know our kids will look back on the way we dressed them and call child abuse, too!!! I still love big hair, though!!

  3. What fashion plates we were back then! I also love the last photo with the jeans and t. Add a cute little jacket and you have my style down! How did the slipcover project go? Did you finish the chairs yet?

    My Desert Cottage

  4. What a hoot! Talk about bringing back memories! I had the "bow in the middle of head" thing going myself... at least your bangs were straight! My Mom kept trimming one side and then the other until I had nothing left but a short slope running from one side of my forehead to another.

    The 80's stuff? Well, you're braver than most of us, you kept the evidence! Not me, too embarrassing!

    Oh, and um a word about those Vegas shoes??? Hate to tell ya but I believe they're back in style!

  5. What a fabulous article, i loved reading it. Great pic at the end, and totally agree on the shoe comment

  6. This is such a great post. I wanted to comment the other day but my computer was not cooperating. I still have some of those disco outfits too....not sure why I'm holding on to them either. Hoping the old Madonna look will come back maybe? I had to laugh when you reminded me about how little girls weren't allowed to wear pants. Sexist or what???
    Thanks for the memories.


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