Monday, July 27, 2009


Well…….sometimes it just seems that something is conspiring against you, keeping you from getting things accomplished.  Such was my problem trying to complete my Friday post for the “Where Bloggers Create” party.  It was one thing after another…. from my getting the dates mixed up……. thinking that I knew what I was doing in Live Writer and setting a post date that didn’t post…….Heather coming to the house to post for me only to discover that the electricity was out.  ONLY on the wall where the computer was plugged in.  So here it is Monday evening  and I’m just now getting back to the computer!

Honestly, I really didn’t have much of anything new to show you.  I promise that I will post the newer pics. later in the week!

On the OTHER hand…….I did find some fun places to shop in Houston.


Old Town Spring, TX.  Every shop was situated in a charming old house.  Thad’s was my absolute favorite.  The outside was as beautiful as the inside.

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I left Hubby armed with the camera while I shopped, and honestly, he did not capture the full charm of this shop.  It was wonderful!





I really would have loved to have this guy, but even at half price he was out of my price range.


I’m not normally big on palms, but the were gorgeous in these huge urns.



The antique store right next door.




My arms were getting full.  Who had time for photos!  I had serious shopping to do.

One of the places that I really really wanted to go was to Anthropology.  We don’t have one here and I had heard so much about there fabulous vignettes that I really wanted to see for myself.  I must say…….I was pretty disappointed.  I’m not sure what I expected.  Maybe I had imagined that it would be something so spectacular that there is just no way that it could have lived up to my expectations.  All I know is that I had sticker shock from the minute that I walked in until the minute that I walked out.  Urban Outfitters was a bit more exciting. 

I had this velvet pillow picked out.  It was actually a little lighter, more turquoise blue in person.


Hubby said “did you find anything you like”  “yeah I REALLY like this velvet pillow” I replied.  He stared at it for a minute and then said “it looks like a tire, complete with tread on the sides.”   MEN!  (insert sigh)   I guess I’ll order it online when he’s not looking.  Not that he said anything else about it.  It just kinda momentarily lost its appeal after that smart remark!   They had two sizes in the store.  I wanted the larger one, wanna bet they don’t sell it online?   That’ll be just about my luck!  

So……I still haven’t gotten around to reading any of my comments from Friday or visiting more than a handful of the beautiful blogs that participated in Fridays party.  I DID notice that my followers list is getting larger and larger!!!   YAH!   I’m such a silly goose!  I know!  I know!  But I love it so much! Thank you, thank you to everyone who is following our blog and for all of the wonderful comments that you always leave.  I appreciate everyone of you soooo much!

So now…..I must go and catch up on everything!  And I do mean EVERYTHING!  I’m knee deep in laundry the house needs to be cleaned,  and I HAVE to catch up on my blog reading!  

See Ya!!!



  1. Oh, you should have just got the pillow then! After 20 years, I have learned to never ask hubby what he thinks of something....he has NO decorating taste at all. One good thing is he is color blind and pink kinda looks tan to him, so I have LOTS of pink, heehe!

  2. Ooooh, I love that Thad's store! I want to go! Amazing :)

  3. I loved reading this post! Don't you just hate shopping with the menfolk? Such part poopers! But we love them anyway. The pillow is beautiful!
    I loved the message you left for me.

  4. Love your Blog thanks for following mine!
    XoXo Jennie

  5. I am so glad I found your blog last week via the "Where bloggers create event"! I have something for you over on my blog if you get the chance to check it out. Mandy x

  6. Those shops look like so much fun!! If I ever make it to Houston I'm leaving my hubby at home and hitting those stores!!

  7. Denise,
    Glad you had fun in Old Town Spring. I lived and worked near there for about 8 years..... I love them...... and miss shopping there..... I try to visit every chance I get.

  8. Pretty shops!!! I would have left with a lot of loot!

  9. Sorry to hear about your Monday! The shops you photographed are so lovely, how much fun that must have been!!! Thank you for sharing your adventure! :0) Janee (Blinkles Boulevard)

  10. Your blog is bellissimo (and your artistic flair - amazing!). Having so much fun browsing through the Blogger's Party sites ... yours is a definite fave ... thanks for sharing your artistic eye and I'm loving your selection of music in the background too! Kudos!

  11. Hello there, I love that "chippy blue" chest of drawers on the porch of one of those shops! I just love shopping in an atmosphere like that..the old houses are enchanting and then all the love things they put in them! I can see you had great fun.

    I actually landed here in the attempt to find your post for the party that Karen had for Where Bloggers Create. I did find it but then saw this one..hahaha.

    I'll go check it out next!


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  13. I love me some Old Towne Springs!! Hubby took me last Spring and we had a wonderful day together. I'm your newest follower and look forward to more of your delightful style.


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