Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What About Color?

Well…..everyone seemed to like my neutral color scheme for the Mad Tea Party.  But…..not surprisingly, some people also said “it’s pretty, but I gotta have my color!”   That’s what makes getting a glimpse at how other people live so much fun!  Don’t you think?  It may not be what we can live with,  but at the same time we can appreciate the style.  For instance, I saw someone’s house the other day on their blog ( leave it to me not to remember where) and she was huge on primary color.  It was so so perfect and so cute and happy, but not “me.”

My problem is…….it’s (almost) all me! 


In the kitchen my old, old, white and black countertops kind of set the color scheme.  If you absolutely cannot afford to change something, you have to learn to make it appear as if you love it!  Which I SOOOO do not!


In the window.

I had previously tried to ignore the black and white, trying to plan for the day when I would get new counters.  That NEVER works!


Valance above the window.

017 015

More color.  I never ever use these, they just kind of help set the color scheme.  So for me……this is a LOT of color!  And yet the kitchen looks so so much better than it did before!  So, I guess sometimes you just have to “give in” and find a way to make it work.


This piece was a huge huge decision for me!  I would never ever have put this in my living room without Heather practically MAKING me!  Now, it’s one of my favorite pieces!


This wall backs up to the piece above.  More traditional colors but it still helps tie in that little bit of whimsy that I have established in the kitchen, dining, and living room.


Also in the kitchen area.

I do like art work, but not prints with glass.  I prefer the look of oil or water color paintings.  Of course none of these are authentic.




I know that some people just aren’t happy with their home unless everything matches.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, although I’ve seen women just about drive themselves crazy trying to make sure that all of the browns and blues are exactly the same tone.  I hope that isn’t you!  You’ll drive yourself nuts!


How about pastels?  I would put pastels in a category of their own with probably a more feminine look.  What do you think?


rachel ashwell 001

rachel ashwell 2 001


rachel ashwell 001 Last three images…..Romantic Country Magazine.

And neutrals…….I would put in a category with more of a  Jeanne d’ Arc Living look.  Burlap, natural cottons, vintage garden items, slipcovers or upholstery in linens and linen colors.  Accessories in Zinc and rusted metals, wire cloches.  Very European or Scandinavian.

18078_s  18968_s


Three images above from Jeanne d’Arc Living.

Soooo………….With all of that in mind, I think it would be fun to take a little poll.

How do you use color in your decorating scheme?

  • Lots of color or following a specific color scheme?
  • A Pastel color theme?   A Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic look.
  • A neutral color scheme? A Jeanne d’Arc Living look.
  • All of the above?  Maybe you have a different look in every or most rooms.

I’ll post the poll on the upper left side of my blog.  All you will have to do is click on your choice.  No signing in or anything else and we’ll all keep track.  Just something fun.  So, do you have any predictions as to which of the above will win?

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July Holiday!



  1. I have a hard time deciding on just one look. I admire people who can do that. That'll probably never happen with me. The urn you have reminds me of McKensie-Childs. I love the way you put your colors together. It's much harder to work with color then neutrals hence why Shabby Chic and JdLiving is so popular. Have a great 4th of July.
    oh and thanks for the suggestion of Nigella on my sidebar!!!!

  2. Love all of that color! It's hard to decide on one thing! jen

  3. I love the harlequin pattern on your wall!! I just painted my deck in a checkerboard pattern. It's hard. I really like so many things like I love Jean d'ar and Rachel Ashwell but it's just not too practical at this time in my life and my husband isn't a big fan. If I lived on my own my house would look a big different!


  4. Love the painted bureau or sideboard. Wonderful.

  5. Great post....have to say,I am sure you know I am more of a Jeanne d'arc girl...just can't seem to live with alot of colour although I do enjoy it in other peoples houses(weird i know)Talk to you soon,Chrissy

  6. I love color & the neutral look also, although I have a different color scheme in each room of my house, however now that I think about it 3 rooms have baby blue in them somehow.My kitchem is all white with blue fluer-de-lis tile in my cook area. I really can't describe my house theme, since it is all rhinestone & silver & leopard materail, blue & white tiole, hardwood floors, shabby chic kitchen funiture.

    I love it all, also love your painted furniture, oh I painted an old marble top dresser pale yellow and put it in my kitchen for a side board piece.

    janice In Missouri


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