Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let The Party Begin!

What a fun day of parties this will be!  We have a wonderful group of bloggers participating in our very first blog party and they’re sure to provide everyone who is visiting today with some fabulous ideas!

Here at Bella Manor it’s been several weeks worth of party planning, polishing, and painting!


The Ice Queen has declared……..”let the party begin!”





This chest (as you can see) stayed much the same.  I did add some glittered candles and the little glittered fairies into the mix.


Plenty of votive holders scattered here and there.


Here’s my newest purchase that I was telling you about on Monday.  This rectangle caddy with all of the little cubby holes.  I didn’t have a clue what I intended to do with it when I purchased it, but I filled some of the holes and left others empty.  It contains a mix of old and new and some of my digital art.  I even included some vintage Christmas cards.


My snow man is happy in his new home.


I must really like that little pink fairy.  She keeps showing up everywhere.


I find myself using seam binding ribbon everywhere these days.'


The dining room chandelier.  Adorned with snow flakes and my paper doll banner which I glittered with mica flakes.



More trays (of course) this time with a perfectly tarnished silver service and neutral colored ornaments.


The coffee table and fireplace.  Decorated in neutrals and yummy mercury glass.  I can’t seem to get enough of mercury glass!


When I hung the giant mirror above the (also) giant chest, I swore I wouldn’t hang anything on either side of it.  Until I acquired this photo portrait of my grandfather as a child.


With all of the decorating that I have been doing, I probably had the most fun in my (almost) studio.  As I call it.  Hubby and I painted the walls which gave the room an entirely new feeling.


They are now a soft cream color instead of that ugly yellow.  What do you think of my tree bed?  I finally found the right combination of bedding to make me happy!  One great thing about a bed made from a tree……you can drive nails into it all you want to.  Which is how I attached the cream felt garland across the head board.


I also nailed the nest on the top and hot glued the little velvet bird into the nest.  Kind of appropriate, I thought.


There’s my tiny pink tree.  Tucked in a corner and topped with another piece of digital art.


Out of everything that I decorated, these shelves are probably my favorite. 


On the top.


More shelves and supplies


I keep this sweet little bowl beside the bed.  It’s stamped “made in France” on the bottom and has the most wonderful colors of pinks and turquoise on the inside.  Hard to see, I know with all of the goodies I found to fill it with.

And now, this party girl needs some sleep!  It’s 12:37 AM Saturday morning and I am tired!  Our party here was a lot of fun this evening and I’ll have pictures of that later along with the rest of my home.  I took 106 pictures with my digital camera, so it looks like this party will continue well into next week!

Be SURE to visit everyone who is participating in our Holiday party!  I know that everyone has worked very hard so that they would have some great ideas to share!  The list of partiers is on my left sidebar.  Just click on each name and it will take you directly to their blog! 

Now it’s off for some sleep so that I can enjoy cruising all of the great blogs!

Have Fun!



  1. What beautiful displays! I have been working hard on my decorations just so I would be ready. But guess what I am so behind. I am trying my best to get my post up as soon as possible but It might be tomorrow! Hope you don't mind.

  2. Wow!!! Gorgeous!! I love your style!!! I don't have nearly as much done around here. After viewing this...I need to get to work!!!

    Thanks for hosting the party!

  3. Delicious vignettes! Thanks for all the fun! Blessings.

  4. Wow ... jaw dropping GORGEOUS!! ... you have paid attention to ALL of the details and it shows .. an outstanding job! ...and an inspiration!

    I just saw your party today {I would have joined if I noticed sooner : ( } ... I have also started my decorating IF you have a second .. check it out ...

    I'm off to see what everyone has been up to!!


  5. Denise, your home is absolutely gorgeous and I'm so loving all of the vintage decorations. Your home belongs in a magazine! Thank you so much for hosting this beautiful blog party. I'm looking forward to visiting all of the party bloggers! Enjoy and stop by for a visit.

  6. WOW, how beautiful!! I have that same pink cashmere tree in my workroom!

    Have a wonderful day!

    I'm off to check out others' decor!


  7. Wow, this must have taken much time and work but sooo worth it ~ I love shelves too, and your new little wooden box of goodies ~ loved it all. Thanks for letting me peek into your windows. Judi

  8. I too have a pink tree in my bedroom. It is big though with lime green ornies! Great party! And your home deco is fabulous! Thanks for sharing

  9. What gorgeous vignettes in your home! I especially love your collection of Santos! They are impossible to find here! I posted at 12:30 am as well..LOL! Thanks for hosting such a fabulous blog party!

    Sandy xox

  10. Gorgeous post Denise! I LOVE your collection of Santos ♥ Thanks for hosting this great Christmas party!

  11. Denise, thanks for hosting the party. Your decorations look fabulous!!! I have to go to work, but I will come back with more pictures, for now it is just a peek! Have a great time today!!!!
    Margaret B

  12. You did a wonderful job decorating. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

    Now off to post on my blog! I'm one of the participants and I'm running behind!


  13. DANG! I wish I could poke around your house for hours and hours.... how wonderful everything looks!

  14. Oh my.....your decor is just wonderful and I love what you did with the tree bed and the new paint color is perfect! LOVE LOVE LOVE the chandelier! I can't wait to see more pictures!


  15. Thanks for being our hostess today! I won't be hopping around until later today, but I wanted to come by and say hi!

    Everything looks wonderful and your ideas are great! xo Joan

  16. Oh my goodness!! What a party!
    Everything looks fab....loved all of the decorations.
    Thank you so much for having me over :)

    Happy Holidays,

  17. Wonderful fresh ideas! Lovely Christmas decor everywhere! Out of the ordinary and enchanting. The cream felt trim caught my eye, I love the simplicity of it. What a treat to see what you've done!

    Merry Christmas,
    Linda @ Robin's Egg Blues

  18. You have again outdone yourself with so many beautiful things. Just beautiful.


  19. ooh! mercury glass, glitter, neutrals,'s true that i could enlarge the photos and find new details for hours:) it's all beautiful. and the tote? it's perfectly wonderful - totes have so much possibility. thank you for hosting! warm holiday wishes...


  20. oh my goodness, your photo's are stunning! FAB,FAB,FAB!


  21. Thank you for hosting this party - what a nice way to start celebrating. Your decor is beautiful and the cute bird & nest must inspire visions of sugarplums! Happy holidays!

  22. This is absolutely gorgeous! Love all of the vintage goodies around your home. So festive, Thank you for having this fun blog party!

  23. Denise...Dio mio...but I LOVE, love, did I mention love your home, it is absolutely gorgeous! You have some beautiful things amor! I really loved your santos, especially the one in front of the mirror between the lamp and the candle holders...where did you find him :) Your bed looks gorgeous, that cubby you found is just wonderful with all your treasures. I am teased because I have sooo much stuff...but I think I just need to learn to display it like you :) feel like a trip to Cali :) I will have to come back and look again because at this moment I need to wipe off my drool filled keyboard :) Besos to you amor, Rose

  24. Oh wow! Just listening to your festive holiday music and looking at your wonderful decorating has me in a holiday mood. Love it all and thanks for sharing!

  25. Denise, what a fabulous party and your home, well it's just gorgeous. I love all your vignettes, the bed in your studio, the shelves, your chandelier...everything. Thank you so much for a great day!

  26. What a wonderful party Denise! I am getting a late start to visiting all the wonderful party goers but if the are anything like yours I'm sure I'm going to have a grand time! Your home is just lovely. I love love love your Bellsnickle Santa and Mr. Snowman too. I'm off to enjoy the rest now! Have a great weekend!

    My Desert Cottage

  27. its all soooooo gorgeous, thanks for sharing i am off to see all the party people

  28. Hello Denise,

    Blogger decided I had to wait all day before it would let me leave you a comment....the post a comment showed up but the field to type the comment was gone..LOL

    All of your decor is just lovely..every single bit of it!! I'm gonna cover the outside of my pantry shelves..I love the way that looks on your little case! Did you use paper or fabric??

    Thanks so much for visiting me..I'm getting a late start on visiting everyone but that means I'll take it into the next few days. :0) I got sidetracked taking pictures of the snow. It's just beautiful and it will be gone soon.

    Scatter Bliss...

  29. The Ice Queen is great! My favorite was the studio! So wonderful... Where did you find all of the great bottle brush trees? Love them! Can't wait to see more photos.

  30. Wow I LOVE your blog and your decorations are glorious! I found my way here through Tammy of "Art & Inspirations, and boy, am I glad I did. I'm now following you too.
    Off to check out the other blog party people......

  31. Yall's blog just overflows with creativity. I love yall and have loved yall since I first found you. I was whisked away to The Woodlands yesterday as a surprise so I didn't get to post my contribution to the party until today. Sorry I was late! Thank yall for letting me join yall! Merry Christmas! Norma Lee

  32. I knew you wouldn't disappoint Denise. I love everything and recognise a few lovelies that I have too. The doll banner for the chandelier is beautiful. Your home is magical and reminds me of Tracy Porters home I saw years ago on tv. I can see why you're tired. I feel kinda guilty....I didn't even break a sweat on this one yet got to enjoy all your hard work! Great job!


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