Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday!

Posting just a tad early.  It’s nice and quiet around here this afternoon so I thought I would take advantage of it.

This week, we’re moving upstairs.  To the den, family room, media room, what ever the heck people are calling it these days.  I call it the family room because it’s where we all gather to watch television and all of my Christmas decorations in this room are more of a homey family oriented type.  Which to me……translates into classic red and green!


I’ve done a lot this year in trays and boxes.  I feel like you get a lot of “bang for your buck” so to speak for very little trouble.  This little vintage box holds vintage shiny brite gold ornaments, the cute little vintage mouse, and a little vintage German rocking horse.  The box was large enough that I sat my lamp down in it and at night, it illuminates everything, really drawing attention to all of my goodies.



I love my little vintage mice.  As with many of this years vintage ornaments, I found them at my mother’s house.  Here is the rest of the collection.  They are happily decorating my upstairs tree!



Aren’t they just the cutest little critters?!

This next vignette is on my upstairs coffee table. 


Also in a vintage box, it contains things like a vintage sequin and felt ornament, my husbands Hop Along Cassidy cup from his childhood.  And a vintage airplane that I purchased for him some years ago because he had one similar to it as a child.


I also tucked in a vintage tree and a piece of an old vintage camp blanket.  This is one of my favorite vignettes.  I really liked the way it turned out with the non-traditional Christmas elements mixed in.


On to another tray on an end table.  This one contains a cute Bakelite Mr.. & Mrs.. Santa.  They’re so cute tucked right in the front kissing!


You can’t see it well in this picture, but tucked in the right side back is a vintage cream and red souvenir metal ash tray from Yellowstone National Park.

So……I can create vignettes like this all day long.  Just throw containers and trays my way and a box of goodies and I’m off and running!

But…….when it comes to craft projects, I don’t know what it is, but I’m often just stumped.  I may just think about it too much instead of just doing it.

Yesterday, I was really in the mood to craft and was bound and determined to create something that was original and really reflected my taste.  My brain still hurts!  So here it is.  Oh, and one more thing!  I had to use things that I already had.  No cheating and going out to buy supplies.



So here it is.  I must say, that in the end I was pretty pleased with myself.  The red trim, reindeer, and postcard are vintage. 

In true “me” fashion, the thing is pretty good sized.  Although I used a saucer for the middle, by the time I added the crepe paper and tulle, it was a little ginormous!   And  yes, Miss Heather, I’m making you your very own!



Glitter glitter!!  I can never get enough glitter!  And to finish it off, mica flakes!  It’s reaaalll purrty girls!

Which brings me to… Friday purchase at the Rink!

This here new hat!



I figured anything that fancy deserved two whole pictures!  Ain’t that just about the gaudiest thing ever?  Even if it don’t have no glitter!

Better watch out family!   I may just wear it!

Happy Monday!



  1. So many gorgeous Christmas decorations, I adore the vintage box, Have a sweet day!

  2. Love your vintage box displays. Super idea! And that wreath that you made is super!!! I love all the glitter too!

  3. How lovely, I really like your christmas mice they are really cute and well done on your crafty christmas decorations its fab!

    All things nice...

  4. I would love to have your ability to make such beautiful displays. I've said it once and i'll say it again...when I do it it looks like I just dumped some stuff in a bowl! You have fabulous collections!

  5. Filling the box with your decor is a great idea and it looks great but I really love the TRAY! You plan to wear the hat over the holidays don't you??? Happy Holidays! Judi

  6. I love your idea of the vintage box vingettes.
    They are sweet and carefully arranged and personalized.
    I love your hat, but I must agree, it's a loud one. Wonder if anyone ever had the nerve to wear it??
    Have a good week.

  7. I love the box vignettes. Vignettes are my favorite things, hands down.

    I would SO wear that hat with a solid white vintage dress and would just twirl to my hearts content!


  8. I think I'm going to take a cue from you next year, and do alot of my decorating in boxes! What a great idea, and then you can just lift them up and pack them away! Those mice are so adorable, and I love your plaque that you made, using only things that you had around the house. It turned out beautiful!
    Happy VCM!

  9. Well I love all your vintage pieces, but I really love the hat!! And your creation is very vintage...julie

  10. Very pretty decoration you made, Denise! And I love the tray and box idea! What a great way to make them easy and portable! The Christmas mice are very cute too, and I'm glad you found them. They'll bring many more years of memories.



  11. The vintage boxes are a great idea, especially when they are filled with so many gorgeous goodies. Thanks for sharing! I love your mice also.
    Happy Holidays,

  12. Well Denise you definitely need to craft more often because these are beautiful!!! So unique and full of vintage goodness.
    You make the best vignettes. Your collection of vintage Christmas is amazing Denise and I love how you included that sweet cup!
    I LOVE those sweet mice! I am so glad that you have some special things from your mothers lovely vintage Christmases as well. What a blessing these must be to you.

  13. Making vignettes in pretty trays and vintage boxes is a great idea. You can move it all over the house easily that way. Lots of wonderful goodies displayed. The mice are so cute! Glad to see you were able to create something. Sometimes you just gotta let those creative juices flow. I need to do more of that -- after the decorating and cleaning is done. Blessings :) Tammy

  14. I love how you are making things. Giving me some ideas of my own.


  15. Good morning, Denise! I just love your display! Vintage ornaments always give me fond memories of my childhood. Thank you !!! Anita

  16. The boxes are a good way to display all your cute Christmas things.

  17. love your stash....
    those mice are darling~
    happy holidays dear~~

  18. Everything looks great! So pretty! The mice are adorable! Love your original craft project too!

  19. I love all of your vintage treasures, your little mice are adorable! How sweet you included things for your hubby (I do too always) mine would love the little airplane! Bisous... Julie Marie

  20. Oh my goodness - I love all of this - yes, even the gaudy hat. :D And I too, can never get enough of glittery-wonder! I love it.

  21. I haven't seen you in a while, so I came by to see what you have been up too. I can tell you have been busy. Everything looks great! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  22. OOoo I love your vintage ornis and the hat you found! Great job on the reindeer orni you made too! One can never use too much glitter! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! It means a lot to me!!!

    Sandy xoxox

  23. I'm so glad to find someone else like me. I, too, over think what to create. That's the reason I have a hard time taking a class. I ponder too long to get the project done.


  24. Hi sweetie, I love all your vintage Christmas items, especially your mamas lil mice, you are soo creative :) and I just love, love your hat..all it is missing is the price tag hanging so daintily off the side :) This post just tickled me, thank you for making me smile and laugh...I needed that :) Besos, Rose

  25. Great decorating ideas here, for sure! I have a thing for boxes and trays too. I love your big ol' door badge? corsage? I made one about that size for Halloween but it was so ugly I threw it away. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. You win with yours. Love it!

  26. Thank you for having joined my dolly world!
    I am pleased I have discovered your blog through Vanessa's blog.I love everything vintage too so now I will keep an eye on you!

  27. Denise, I'm so loving all of your vintage items here. Now, I must start searching antique shops...LOL Happy Holidays Girl!

  28. i DARE you to wear that fantastic hat!! how fun! i love your idea of TRAYS of vintage Christmas fun! mind if i steal it? and the craft you made is great, even if it "hurt your brain"!
    take care,


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