Thursday, January 28, 2010

Button button….

….who’s got the button?  I do!  I made a great trade with another vendor at the Rink.  She wanted some Ralph Lauren sheets that I had and I needed some vintage buttons.


Whites and creams.  Lots of great really old ones with pretty shapes.


Reds and blues.


Browns and black.  Not my favorites, but I’m sure to find a use for them somewhere.


Of course, the creams and whites are my favorites.

I’m trying to gear up for the wedding.  I’m experimenting with different projects to see which Heather and I might like better.


Like this cute nest banner hanging in our booth at the Rink.  I should have taken a better pic. before I put it up.  It has a lot of cute vintage lace and other goodies on it.  I’ve decided to make one for the wedding that says “Happily Ever After”  to hang somewhere in the barn.

I’ve picked up some wonderful things in the last week at the Rink.  Some I’ll show you later.  But these letters……..


What can I say, they were just FUN!  :)  I paid $5.00 for all three.  They had been nailed on a building somewhere so I used some of my new vintage buttons to cover the holes and give them a little more texture.  Then………..


I made these paper posies out of old patterns to hang on either side.

I’ve had all of my vintage lace out lately using it on different project and at the last minute I thought '”huummm what if….?” 


I had these cute crocheted circles.  They were actually one long string.  I don’t know what they were supposed to be.  It looked like maybe someone had started a project and then not completed it?

So I cut them apart.  Notice the hole in the middle?


I found the wire  on the back of my flower which was holding it together.


And simply pulled it through to the back of the crochet piece.  I temporarily secured the wire to the fabric.


Then I turned it back over and gathered the fabric around the paper to give it more of a floral shape.  Using doubled sided tape, I taped the flower to the gathered crocheted piece.


Then I wired the whole thing to my jute string.  I made sure to place a nail in the top of my buffet right where my flowers would be so that I could push the flower down through the nail and adjust how I wanted them to hang.


So how long has it been since you made these classic tissue paper flowers that we used to make as a kid?

You’ll find the best tutorial HERE at Martha  Paper pompoms and flowers are made the same way.  To put the center piece in my hot pink flower, I just gently flattened out the center and glued in my beaded ornament.

Watch out!  Making these simple little flowers is strangely addictive!


And today I’m painting two of my dining chairs.  In the dining room no less!  It’s sleeting outside like crazy and way way too cold in the garage. 

Oh how I wish I had a heated work building where I could just be messy messy and not have to worry about cleaning anything up.  ……sigh

Gotta go put another coat of paint on!



  1. Love the banner and the letters! Cool ideal covering up the holes with your new found buttons!! And the posies are wonderful. Love them all!!! It has been a long time since I made them. Hmmmm! Might be a nice project to do when the grandkids are here visiting?! Thanks
    PS Love the chair!!!

  2. Such a fun post! I also love the banner, but the buttons, your are so lucky, what a find.

  3. What a great find with all those buttons and your banner is too cute. I have to admit, it has been awhile since I made tissue flowers. However, I do remember them being quite addicting :) Don't make too big of a mess with your chairs ;0
    Have a blessed evening.

  4. I love all your pretties. Isn't it fun when you can barter for someting you really want!
    The button collection is fantastic.
    I wish I had a big ole building to paint and be messy in myself. My husband is getting tired of me messing up the garage floor. oops!


  5. I know you're just brimming over with great ideas for the wedding! I just love your paper and crochet flowers, and your FUN letters, you made a great trade with all those wonderful buttons! What you are having now is coming our way. Ooooohh, I think I'm ready for spring!?

  6. Lots of fun stuff here! Those old buttons are gorgeous -- what a great trade! And you are already putting them to good use. Sweet flowers and great idea for the crocheted unknowns. You've been busy for sure. Hope the chairs are drying nicely. We are having dust and wind today. Yuck! Have a great weekend. :) Tammy

  7. I love buttons too, and the ones you added to "Fun" are wonderful. The paper/crochet posies are beautiful too. You are so talented. Thanks for all of the inspiration.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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