Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It’s what day?

I’m living in my own little boring world right now!  Yuk!  I’m sick of it.  Or is that sick of being sick?

Get this…………….I lost my antibiotics!  I must be totally loosing it!  Hubby and I looked EVERYWHERE in this house 3 times or more.  Maybe I tossed them out in a nauseous stupor or something.  Any way, it’s super weird.

So now……my poor guy is at the pharmacy, AGAIN, getting me more meds.  This is absolutely true love!

I did get some pics. taken today.


Several weeks before Christmas, I was walking through the Rink and saw this piece.  I really love natural pine.

Then I looked at the price.  WOW, I could afford it!  I went home, measured, and it fit.

Yippee!  Another piece to load with junk! 


It’s a hutch top.  I sat it on top of my buffet in the dining room and I really like the way it looks.


See how clean that glass on the left looks?  Hubby broke it bringing it in the house.  I gotta remind him that it IS important that we get that replaced.  Just not this week, you know?

The only thing wrong with the piece, if you can see it, is that someone had sat it where water damaged the bottom front a bit.  Even if the wood can’t be clamped and glued, I don’t care.  I’ll just sand them a bit and maybe use a bit of Brie wax on the piece.


I hung some vintage linens on the right door.

And I’m not at all happy with the interior.  Especially now that I see my pictures.  I had to use what I already had and the look is a little too mixed and jumbled.  That’s okay though, it’ll give me something to search for this year!

Brown transferware!  Yep!  That’s what I think I’ll be searching for.  Preferably the old stuff. 


I had to move my lamp next to my patch work bench, and it actually looks great.  Looks so much more inviting!


Molly is not impressed.  I guess I should have photo shopped those eyes!



  1. OMG I just wrote my comment and lost it.....lol! You know, I lost 3 prescriptions one day after I got them filled and never found them so don't feel bad.

    That lamp beside your patchwork bench is 2Die4. Looks like Miss Molly has a new spot to sit in :)

    I want those dogs sitting on top of that hutch!


  2. Hello Denise,

    What a great piece for display...and your lamp...did you make that shade?..I need a closeup of that! hehe..totally cool!!

    Sorry you've been sick..probably all that snow at Christmas...it's been spitting snow here for three days and Thursday is looking like an all day event of it.

    Stay warm (and don't lose your meds *again*)hehe


  3. Hope you are starting to feel better. Love the pine hutch top. Looks great where you put it. Amazing how easy it is to fill something up right away. Your patchwork bench is in a cozy little area. Molly looks like a love. :) Blessings for health, peace, joy -- all the good stuff! Tammy ;)

  4. I hope you feel better soon. I have lost prescriptions before and it drives you absolutely crazy or makes you think your crazy?
    I just love where you put your new piece and your decorating.
    Blessings in 2010

  5. I too hope you feel better very soon!! And I love that hutch! It is beautiful!

  6. Lost your pills....silly goose!! Your cabinet looks great,feel better!! Oh and thanks for coming by!!

  7. I hope you have your new meds now and will be feeling much better soon! Thanks for showing us pics of your new treasure.


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