Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Dose Of Whimsy

It has certainly been a dreary long winter in many places.  I heard on the weather earlier in the week that we have gotten 5” more snow than Denver.  Crazy!

Today is another dreary, rainy, cold, and cloudy day.

Well……we certainly can’t control the weather, we all know that. 

All we can do is make the best of the weather that we have.

So…..I declare that we all need a big dose of whimsy!

To brighten our view one way or another.

whimsy 021

Perhaps a small vignette in a shiny bowl.

whimsy 022

Birds with crowns and more crowns and silver and vintage glitter all on a tray.

But…..sigh…..that just doesn’t seem whimsical enough!

We need more more more!

whimsy 033

A whole WORLD of whimsy!

whimsy 027

A place where every day is a Holiday.  Just one    b i g Holiday!

whimsy 029

Where glitter and smiles reign and in fact, are the norm!

whimsy 025

And otherwise serious girls wear pink feathered wings!

whimsy 024

Where tiny little princesses live in vintage velvet lined jewelry cases!

whimsy 023

And inspiration is everywhere!

whimsy 031

whimsy 034

And ruffles, we must must have ruffles!

whimsy 035

And vintage lace everywhere!

So…..this is MY whimsical happy world!  Where is yours?  A little corner perhaps, or maybe one small shelf? 

If you don’t have one of those whimsical happy places, you MUST create one!  Pull out those little whimsies, the ones that you usually keep hidden away until the “appropriate” season.  Or maybe the things that just don’t seem to fit into your usual world.  And place them in your little whimsical world.  They’ll make you smile and feel way less gloomy! 




  1. Hi Denise,
    I'm loving your little whimsy world. Mine is definitely my workroom/extra bedroom,where I can scatter all my favorite things everywhere.
    I can be messy or I can be neat while I creat, mostly messy! I love bulletin boards full of pieces of this and that.
    Great post.

  2. What a great work room! Im glad you liked the garden, its a work in progress. And the sun tea sounds great! Have a good weekend. Julian

  3. what a wonderful, whimsical world you have created in your space...i love it and want a closer look! how fun! my happy place is my studio where i can always find inspiration and i don't mind if its messy (which it is!) we are having spring-like weather today, 62 degrees! hubby and i did yard work and he even washed the cars! i'm sure your weather will change soon :0)

  4. My whimsy today was creating for my future secret your whimsicleness...did I spell that right?lol


  5. Beautiful! You inspred me to create some whimsy...Hugs Grace

  6. Beautiful and fun! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring us. Love your header!


  7. ooh, so much fun to peak into your little world. such beautiful things to brighten your day!

  8. Looks like a very fun place! I'm living that overloaded inspiration board. Have a beautiful day! Tammy

  9. Gorgeous!!! Your whimsy is perfect!! I must do the same in my house like now. Feb. is driving me looney!! LOL!

  10. Hi Denise! Every time I see pics of your studio I am so blown away! Has WWC come over to see you yet?? I'm very excited about the party this year, and I really hope you will be able to show off to everyone this time. Have a wonderful Sunday,
    My Desert Cottage

  11. Denise I do believe I could hang out in your world of whimsy for a good long time. I LOVE the glittered skeleton. So darn cute. I also am crazy over your inspiration board! With a place like that, who wouldn't be happy?

  12. Wonderful! I think every room needs a bit of whimsy, don't you? I really like your inspiration's very inspiring!

    Stay warm!

  13. Hi sweetie I got the adorable ZoZo calendar at Kates Paperie...Grace xoxo


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