Monday, May 10, 2010

Chipped, Rusty, and Yummy

Well, Heather and I made just enough money this weekend to cover our newest wedding acquisitions and that’s about it. 

We picked up this AWESOME garden tea cart.



Love all of the colors.  AND the handle is just too cute!


Once again, hubby just doesn’t get it.  He wanted to get all of the “loose paint” off and proceeded to break one of the wheels, banging it on the floor.  Urrrgggh!

I just had to hold my tongue, because he had been sweet enough to buy me this…….


For Mother’s day.  Is that not the most PERFECT blue ever?!  Yep, I thought so. 

Heather and I also picked up this little piece.


I don’t know what it was intended for.  A paper towel dispenser maybe?  Anywho…..we thought it would be a cute addition to the food table.  For crackers or whatever.



OkaY…that was fun, I just had to stop right in the middle of my post and go to the storm cellar.  There was a tornado on the ground 4 miles from our house and the sirens were blaring!  Jez……

So…..where was I?

Oh……and I love the way that it displays my goodies.

I sorta lost my train of thought here.   

So, the tea cart will be paired with our little favors.


They turned out soooo cute!  They deserved a vintage tea cart.  Don’t you think?

Have a wonderful Monday! 

I give.  I think I’ll just go sit and stare for awhile!



  1. YIKES!!!!!!! You better pay attention to those siren! We know all about your twisters up there. STAY SAFE! And I do love your garden cart & new garden seat. Also, that little yellow mug is adorable!!!! ENJOY! Charlene

  2. Now that's scary! Glad you are alright!

    Love your little rusty, crusty carte. So cute.
    And, I love your blue garden bench. What a nice gift.


  3. We just got hail at our house but all the tornados are East of us. Wow our State is getting torn up today. Wanted to come to your sale Sat. but didn't make it. Maybe next time. Love your little cart and the blue seat is great.


  4. Tornadoes dancing all over this evening! We have a warning until midnight. :-( I lived in Amarillo 10 yrs and experienced one there...right down our street. I don't think we're ever the same ~

    You found some wonderful treasures! Glad you had fun.


  5. Where does everyone live? Yikkes, love the blue bench and your right it is the perfect color, it is so hard to find

  6. A tornado. Yikes! Glad you are safe and sound. Love all your purchases. And Heather's painted furniture is G O R G E O U S! What a way to transform a piece. Have a terrific Tuesday. :) Tammy

  7. Yikes is right!! I would be staring too! Glad everything is all right!!
    That tea cart is so cool and perfect! Then bench is adorable and your are so right. The perfect shade of blue. Love the "paper towel holder". Be great with cookies (large) all lined up on it.

  8. I am so glad you are allright but you better pay attention to those sirens Missy!! *wagging my finger at you*

    That tea cart and the bench are fabulous. You always find the most wonderful things!


  9. Ohhh Denise the Favours are absolutely gorgeous, did you make the little bags yourself or buy them?? Love your tea cart and bench too. And wow!!! so brave carrying on after the Tornedo, we don't really get them over here in the UK so I would find that pretty scary. Hugs Mandy x

  10. what fun! I do not have an eye for that kind of thing. I have a hard time see past what it looks like now. But, I think it will be adorable when it's finished. and the wheel is back on. :) lol husbands, right?

  11. Hi Denise,
    Wanted to come and see how you were doing? After hearing about the devastation in your state I worried about you.
    Hope you and your loved ones are well.
    Take care,


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