Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Cry For Help!


Not too dramatic is it?  Okay……here’s the deal.  Heather and I are behind.  I mean waaaay behind on our DIY projects for the wedding.  Which pretty much means everything involved with the wedding.  So we’re looking for some of our local blog buddies who are willing to be bribed.

Hey, I’m just bein’ honest here!

We’re having a little semi impromptu DIY party Saturday evening May 22nd.    7:00PM at my house. 

If you would be interested in a little hands on tutorial on many of the posies that I have been making. 

Like say these…….



And some of the others that I can’t find pics. of right now…..sigh……they’re somewhere in my files.

Or maybe a tutorial on some of the following.

We’ll also probably be working on Heather’s bouquet and, if we’re all organized, a banner.  Maybe some digital image projects.  Who knows, we have lots of things still to complete. 

Anywho, it will be one big giant craft and DIY  hands on tutorial and party for the wedding.

We’ll provide refreshments and supplies if you will provide your cheerful and willing selves to help!

Heather and I would really really appreciate anyone who loves all of this crazy stuff as much as we do, which I know means all of you, coming to our rescue!

E-mail us if you are willing to come to our rescue attend the party!

Thanks so much! 

Keeping my fingers crossed!



  1. Oh my gosh... I wish I were miles and miles closer... I am a retired florist of close to 30 years and would help in a heartbeat and I can really pump things out... I wish you luck and believe me after years I know the stress... Least you don't seem to be working with fresh to where it is really crunch time.. Good Luck....

  2. You know I would be there in a flash, but I'm in CANADA!!!
    Maybe I could stretch my arms like rubber man. Ya think? Sorry Denise, I know your really serious about this.
    If I could I would.
    Good luck dear friend. You'll be fine. I know it.
    Love Claudie

  3. Well I am afraid I live a bit to far away. But I sure do hope some willing souls that live closer will come. Sounds like a blast really. I sure would love it.
    Good luck

  4. Edward and I would be there in a heartbeat if we could. It sounds like so much fun. But we are, unfortunately, too far away! But we'll be there in spirit!!

  5. I too wish I was close enough to help. I hope you get lots of helpers!

  6. I really need to make a trip to Moore, OK to see my best friend who has cancer. I was thinking I might could swing by on my way home (south of Tulsa) and help you out. Just email me on my blog and let me know directions.

  7. I know you two are coming in to the home stretch here. I'd be there if I could! Sounds like you have some wonderful things planned. Don't make yourselves too crazy!
    love ya, and stay away from all tornadoes!

  8. What a fun idea! Of course, whatever you are able to finish is going to be fabulous and whatever you don't get done, just wasn't meant to be. Remember, this is a happy time -- don't stress yourself out with wanting everything. Enjoy the process. Best wishes, Tammy

  9. If only I didn't live in CA. What a wonderful opportunity and what fun!


  10. Every thing looks so beautiful! I wish I were closer (I'm in Pennsylvania) because I would love to come and help.

    Good Luck!

  11. Too bad that we're not closer! Tam and I just did a wedding and I recently posted pictures on the blog. I'm sure that with how talented you all are, you'll figure it all out! If you see anything in our pics that you need, let us know and we can tell ya where we found it! Good Luck!

  12. I just did all my daughters wedding stuff...this would be so fun and I am not far away....but :( I have used all my time off work..and I work weekends..I would love to help you...hope you survived the storms ok...

    cannot wait too see it all finished up..

  13. Oh Yeah..check out my blog for some fun wedding ideas...

    have fun...

  14. Ohhh Denise, if only I lived closer I'd be there to help in a flash!! Mandy xx

  15. I'd be more than happy to help if only I were closer! I'll offer moral support and send lots of energy your way ~ and pray for lots of helpers to show up.


  16. Oh, that sounds so fun. I have no idea where you are but that is the night our big barn sale... I hope you hare able to recruit some help!!!

  17. Well we all want to come just strung out all across this great country.

    We will all be thinking about you and the party.
    Can we do it over the blog?


  18. I wish i lived closer i would love to help and see all your treasures


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