Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Garden Show Saturday!

If you are in the OKC area this Saturday, Heather and I will be at the Country Temptations Garden Show.  They are located at 4801 N. MacArthur in OKC.

Here are a few things that I have been working on at home.





Book bundles, lamp shade, vintage slips with posies.

004 006 


vintage luggage liner ephemera holders.



I’ve embellished most things with these newest silk flowers I’ve been making.  Yes, I’m obsessed!

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.  We FINALLY worked up the courage to start working on the storage shed at my Mother’s house and boy oh boy, did we hit the jack pot!

Garden benches (plural), old wood fruit crates, rusty vintage garden tools, cute chippy wood garden table with umbrella, chippy wood chairs, old lanterns, rusty metal garden ornaments, garden pots, there’s a super cute two tier metal table.  It’s red and the paint is chipping revealing a wonderful blue underneath.  A cute two door red wall cabinet.  And on and on.  Sorry, I didn’t get any pics. but trust me, we have lots of super super goodies and it will ALL be at the show Saturday!

We’re pricing everything at great low prices because it’s a one day show and we don’t want to haul anything home!

Come on out for some great deals and a lot of other great vendors with wonderful goods.

The show starts at 10:00 AM but…..Shhhhhhh! You didn’t hear this from me, BUT apparently people start arriving a little after 9:00!

Hope we see you there!



  1. Oh Denise, you and Heather have done an OUTSTANDING job! OMG
    I only wish I lived closer. Canada seems a little far right now doesn't it?
    I totally agree with your quote "A good friend is cheaper than therapy"
    Hope you sell everything, I have a feeling you will : )
    Love Claudie

  2. I am seriously wanting that shade!! I love it.

    I am sure you will sell out :)


  3. oh, my, what an amazing group of lovelies... and I bet you won't bring a thing home!

  4. Beautiful things...that won't last long! I wish I had your energy and creativity. :-)

    Good luck on Saturday!

  5. Cute! Cute! Cute stuff! Wish I could go THAT garden show! I started drooling a little reading about all the goodies in your mom's storage shed. Have fun!

  6. Such beautiful, filmy, feminine lovelies! They make me smile just to look at them...
    Love and hugs to you, talented lady!

  7. Hi Denise,

    What lovely stuff!! Flowers seem to always need a 12 step program to get over making them..hehe I've been making them for so long I'm a total programs for sir-rie!

    I wish you a total sell out! Wish I lived close..I'm sure some of it would go home with me.♥

    Stephanie ♥

  8. Oh drats!! I wish I could be there. Hope you sell everything. Love those pillows!!

  9. Love everything you are making and it sounds like you found lots of great treasure's at your mom's. Best of luck with the sale. Your living room looks so comfy -- my kinda decorating and great colors. So nice to be able to rearrange and refresh the look by moving things from another part of the house. :) Hope you are having a great week, Tammy

  10. What time does it close Saturday. I live in Okla.


  11. Hi Denise! Looks like you have been busy. Everything looks so nice. Hope you have a good time at the show. Is the Home and garden show at the fair grounds? We had gone to a couple shops down the arera near the fair grounds. Thanks for sharing...Julian

  12. All the white on white is beautiful! Wish I could be there to oohhh and ahhh and buy a few things!
    xo, Candylei


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