Thursday, June 10, 2010

The weather report says……..

…….that H.E. double L is NOT going to freeze over.  I’d been waiting over 2 years for Hubby to install this super cool buffet that I found as a new sink vanity.  Finally, I moved it to the bedroom.  Sorry the pic. is so grainy. 

I still need to buy baskets to hold all of my junk..

Love this print on burlap that I found at Hobby Lobby. 

Poor baby, she’s finally lost her mind!

I repainted these pictures.  The two with the green background.



And hung them over the bed.

With this other vintage pic.  That needs to be moved up a couple of inches, but the cherub was NOT easy to hang.  So I had to work around her.

It goes much better with my neutral color scheme.

Which I am REALLY loving in my master bedroom.  Taupe, whites, and blacks.  This room is so dark, the whites really helps.  sarahs-cottage-guestroom-east-image1

AND……just LOOK what I found on HGTV’s web site!!  A BRASS bed.  Could it be that I’m not such a dork after all?  Nah……probably not.  I still think it needs to be painted.   

I promise there are more wedding pics. coming.  I didn’t take a single pic. of Heather in her dress myself, so we’re waiting on the photos from the photographer.  I’m really anxious to see them.

See ya!!!!!



  1. grainy or not..that is one cool buffet!

  2. My friend painted an iron bed and it's on her blog if you want to check it out.
    It was a great idea to bring the buffet inside, it looks wonderful. I love how the little frames turned out. They look great over your bed.

  3. Hi Denise, I luv the way you do your displays of your treasures! I also like the lady with the bee hive on har head that is so cool! Have a good day.Julian

  4. I love your room! And that buffet is amazing!

  5. LOVE the vanity. And the "lost her mind" is wonderful. I am supposed to be cleaning the studio for Where Bloggers Create Event. But, instead I sit here blogging... maybe that's why I can't get finished with projects. How do you stay focused on all you do? You really do some fun stuff(decorating...sewing) I plan to be up in your area in late July for a class at the Paper Crown. Would love to hook up with you! Charlene

  6. Great buffet! I like the grainy picture. :) Love the new look of those little painted pictures. My husband used H E double L to describe our weather conditions today. Best wishes for your weekend, Tammy

  7. Love looking at all of your new stuff!!!! Photos are beautiful!! Great idea with the frames within frames!!

    Warm Wishes and Wonderful Weekend,

  8. WOW!!! The buffet is amazing. I am giggling away at the he double l. men!!!! LOL...

  9. Just beautiful (all of it)!


  10. The vanity is to die for! Love it! I am a big fan too of "finally lost her mind"! I really like the brass bed too but what really caught my eye is the comforter and pillows. I love the colors and the mix of patterns.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! You know, you and I are the only two who thought the "mystery" may have been something that went on shoes. I'm still trying to figure out what they are.


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