Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where Did It Begin?

Have you made it around to all of the Where Bloggers Create participants?  I sure haven’t!  I’m still working my way through the list.  I hate to miss any.  I’ve seen so many wonderful spaces with so many yummy goodies.

My tastes have changed BACK to the more chippy, shabby vintage in recent years.  Part of this may be nostalgic.  Since my mother passed away I’ve really headed in that direction.  But then I started thinking…….where DID it all begin?  This passion for vintage?  I kind of lost it for a long while there.  Too busy raising kids, I guess. 

My mother was a long time “junk” lover.  Every summer when I was a kid, we would go to Manitou, Co.  And she and I would go antique shopping.  I distinctly remember Mrs.Voss antique shop.  You would walk into the shop, located in an old building, and be amazed by the masses of “stuff.”  It was everywhere…..on tables, under tables, hanging from the ceiling, stacks on stacks, on the walls.  Just layers and layers of stuff to dig through.  And not a single piece had seen a dust cloth in perhaps years.  The sunlight would filter through the windows, dust particles dancing in the  light.  Of course, this just added to the mystique and appeal of the shop, for my mother and I. 

I was always allowed to buy something little for myself.  A few things of which I still have.

This tiny little jar.  I don’t know what it was (or is) that appealed to me, but it’s in my little studio corner today.

A tiny little plate.  Probably from a child’s tea set.  I loved then, and still do, the crackle and old brown patina.

And my most prized possession for years.

This art deco piece.  I was TOLD that the purple cast of the glass meant that it was very very old.  It lives in my guest bath today.

So I guess this is where my passion began.  Even though I lost my way for awhile, holding onto a few pieces from my past must surely show that the “vintage Junker” was still in there somewhere, just waiting to be turned loose on an unsuspecting world again some day.:)

So here I am, knowing, from all the spaces I toured over the weekend, that I love love the concept of “more is better.”  And just looking for new ways to add to my yummy junky world!

Just this weekend, I dug out this old jewelry box.  It hadn’t seen the light of day in forever.  What the heck was I thinking, anyway?!

It’s not NEARLY full enough yet!  HAHA!!

Hope you’re having a wonderful week filled with all the things that YOU love!



  1. Oh, Denise, your post hit home! For many years my "junkin" lay dormant and this past year it has resurfaced and I've lovin' it!!

    That art deco jar is absolutely wonderful!!!!

    And I have an old jewelry box . . . hmmmm . . you have inspired me to do something with it. I don't much care for the inside color of mine though, ah, another project in the making!!


  2. Isn't it funny how our taste changes? I love love love chippy and vintage and anything white....I can't get enough of it :)


  3. Hi Denise,
    I know what you mean. As I get older I am loving the vintage pieces more and more. My Mom was somewhat of a hoarder and saved everything. Now, I see so many vintage pieces that remind me of her, especially linens.

    Here's to us junkers....may we always keep piling it on!!!


  4. Nothing wrong with changing our styles now and then...though my friends rarely do.
    Love your WBC post. Total eye candy!
    I've had to go back and check out the wedding posts too.....gee I've been gone so long! Feels like I've been abducted by aliens! lol

  5. Oh...I love the art deco piece with the dancing couple on top. I see why it is a favorite treasure. Heather's bouquet and dress turned out so pretty! I have loved vintage forever....but now as I get's not quite as much fun because I'm vintage too now. I liked it better when I was young with a bunch of granny stuff. Not so much fun when you are old enough to be a granny and have granny stuff. Well, I'll just try not to think about that.

  6. I subscribe to the "more is better" theory also. Much "more" fun!

  7. Isn't is great how your old treasures will trigger a precious memory of time spent with your mother? They're darling.

  8. Beautiful post Denise. I lived in Colorado most of my life and didn't even know it was there! Sounds lovely!


  9. Denise, I love this post! My grandma was a thrifter and when she would come visit us she brought boxes and boxes of stuff! It was like Christmas for me! Of course, when she left she would take it all with her. So I decided I would have my own junk that no one could take away. Haha! Now, we are remodeling our house and I am having to find places to put my "stuff" until later. I HAVE A LOT OF STUFF, grandma!
    Love, love, love your pictures!

  10. I came across an old pile of Victoria Magazine, from the 80's and I realized a lot of that started me collecting vintage "treasures".


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