Sunday, August 22, 2010

Inspired (Again)

Whether I’m happy, sad, glad, mad, bored, or what ever……I can’t go more than a few days without some kind of a project.  I swear, sometimes I drive myself crazy.   It’s apparently my therapy for….well….just life in general!

As always, the best inspiration can be found in blogland.

My latest inspiration comes  from Heather at Pretty Petals.



I just love what she has done with her living room.  It’s a wonderful mix of whites with beautiful blues and chocolate browns thrown into the mix.

You can find more of her beautiful and inspiring home HERE.

I can’t repaint my walls.  Not without a divorce anyway.  They peak in the living room at about twenty feet.  Which required two huge sections of scaffolding with a ladder on top of that and six gallons of paint the last time hubby painted.   Which I promised would be the last time.   But I CAN repaint furniture and rearrange.

This weeks projects………

Moved the chippy tea cart to this wall and repainted the pic. frame cream.  Much cleaner and more simple.

Changed my little monkeys shades to cream.  Look……he’s smiling he’s so happy.  He’s just one of those little whimsical things that I love.

Move two of my apothecary jars to the bottom shelf.

And…….this was a BIG project.  In terms of decision making anyway.

  I painted my big three drawer chest.

It still needs polyurethane but I REALLY do love it!  For one thing, the mirror above shows up so much better.  AND…it distressed beautifully.

Just enough of the color underneath shows through.  And it looks all chippy and wonderful.

Next, I painted the little French end table that was where the tea cart is now, a pale blue.

It’s at one end of the sofa.

  Just a couple more projects and this room is done. 

Anywho……I’m close to showing you an all over room shot.   So far, the only thing that I’ve spent money on is two quarts of paint.  AND I have a cute little French chair that will be for sale at the
Rink next week.  So I’m ahead of the game, money wise.

Back to scheming and dreaming!



  1. Hi Denise,
    It's easy to scheme and dream when we spend time here in blogland. So much temptation and inspiration to change this or that.
    I really like your gorgeous livingroom. The cabinet is wonderful and that chippy little teacart is adorable. I also like the french table in that lovely shade of turquoise.

    I'm off to dream and scheme myself.


  2. Denise it is just beautiful!!! I love what you do when you can't sit still!

  3. Isn't if fun when you see an old space in a new light?


  4. the rose picture above the tea cart is wonderful. And that dresser is gorgeous. Instead of polyurethane I used Minwax (Read it on a blog) on my last project, it was wonderful and soooo easy! I would love to know what color blue you used on your little French table, Thank You!


  5. Although I've been busy crocheting, I wish I could get up the mojo to follow through with the painting and rearranging I would like to do. :/ Makes it fun to do with just a little paint and elbow grease, and very little cost involved. I am always inspired when I blog hop. Best wishes for the week ahead, Tammy

  6. Beeeaaauuuutiful!!!!!!!! Loving all of your changes. That dresser is to die for!! I need to paint our living room and many ladders are needed here too!! Sigh! I just can't decide on a color!! Can't wait to see your all over shot!!
    Hey! My fiber sculpture is now installed! Come see!

  7. Oh, Denise, I love all your new changes!

    My last home was decorated in a euro-french style with dark colors and French furniture. I'm slowly making changes over to what I call the 'French Gardener's Carriage House' look. :)
    Still loving the French look, but with a lighter color pallet - whites and pastels and soft fabric touches.

    I guess that's the thing with decorating. We are never finished & hey, that's a good thing!

    Happy week to you,

  8. Heather's room is beautiful and I also love all the painting and rearranging you have been doing at your house! Very nice!


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