Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Once Upon An Armoire………

Yep….this armoire has a history.  Not so much a pleasant history.  But a memorable history!

Years ago, I’m gonna say twenty, so that means probably twenty five, I found this armoire in a small furniture store.  It was on sale of sale of sale.  You know, one of those amazing mark downs.  Which should have been my FIRST clue. 

“It’s an exact copy of a French antique” the sales lady said.  I was duly impressed.  I HAD to have it.  Just Had Had to have it.  Of course, it weighed a ton.  But it was stamped on the back “made in France”……ooohhhh…….aaahhh……

So I got it home put the shelves in, and filled it with glassware.  Lots and lots of glassware. 

One night a couple of years later,  I heard a crash.  A HUGE HUGE crash.

The wood expanded and all of the shelves crashed.  Broke everything in it.   Huh….apparently it was an exact copy of a French piece of crap!

So for years it sat with just some junk in the bottom.  We tried to repair it but nothing worked. 

Recently I thought “ye olde trusty glue gun.”  It worked like a charm!

Just to be on the safe side, it’s become my quilt armoire.

Both sides……full of quilts.  Is it still a collection if you didn’t realize that you had a gazillion of something?  Crazy how many quilts and blankets I have.

So time to redecorate the outside top.

I had one of those “what was I thinkin?” moments.

When I looked at this arrangement.

I drug out a super cute crate/box and painted it cream.  I originally intended to paint numbers on the front.  But then thought, why not chalk board paint?

I love it!  Now I can change the message for the season.  “Boo” for Halloween and so on…..  And no, that number has no significance what so ever.  Don’t have a clue where I came up with it.

I sat one of my other fav. things on top.  My Mandeville seed display box.

Picked up some other goodies this weekend.  You’ll never guess what!  Oh, okay, another suitcase.  I know, you’re amazed.

Did a sweet swap for the cute basket. 

Hummmm……something still wasn’t right.  The suitcase was sitting too low.

Much better.  I used my chippy grey corbels for risers.

All done!


  I briefly, very briefly, thought about painting the armoire white.  I’m really into that right now.  I decided against it.  It would be a major ordeal.  The door hinges run all the way down the sides.  And I never could figure out how to get the key hardware off.   And I’m happy with the touch of white on the top. 

I left the botanicals that I already had hung.

I also picked up this tray over the weekend.

It’s metal.  I love it with the mercury glass and the trophy sitting on it.

I’m doing a major purge of accessories.  I’ve already pulled quite a few things from the living room.  I promised a friend first dibs and then the rest of it will be going to the Rink.  Whatever is left should be there by Saturday morning.   Watch for more new stuff in the weeks to come.  This is just round one in the living room!



  1. Looks fantastic, love the new suitcase! ~Brooke

  2. Looks great, love the new arrangement! Good post!

  3. Love your newest still life!! It is perfect!

  4. Love it! And love your sense of crack me up!

  5. Applause for round one! Yay! It's gorgeous!!!

  6. Ha! Love the story about the cabinet! I just bought a cabinet at a flea market for $20 and I must admit when I bought it I kept thinking why is this thing only $20? It's gorgeous though and I am storing fabric in it so if it does collapse it won't do much damage.
    Love your new arrangement on top and I really love how you used chalkboard paint on the box! What a great idea to change out the numbers/sayings!

  7. I think that hutch looks just right in it's original color. I loved the idea of the blackboard paint on the side of the crate too. I'm a quilt/blanket collector too, and except for some old quilts, it hasn't been intentional, but I've found it hard to part with any of them :-) We all love having them to snuggle up in during the winter.

  8. Gorgeous! I am loving chalkboard paint, I use it all the time! My chalk writing never comes out as well as yours, though, this is lovely! So happy to find you, happy to be your newest follower!

  9. I love your crate idea...I just might steal that (if and when I find a crate)...I dont know how you keep getting so lucky with finding those suitcases!!!!


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