Sunday, October 3, 2010


Okay, 90% finished anyway.

What…..?  Oh…..the sofa slipcover!

I still have to complete the cushions.  It’s not a matter of making them.  Believe me, the hard part is over!  But I have to wash the cushion cover on almost a weekly basis because of the animals.  I’m trying to decide on what the easiest way to make it, and take it on and off quickly would be. 

I kinda want a bench cushion.  Should I make a whole new cushion?  Expensive!  Then I thought about just folding batting over the top of the three that are on the sofa now.  They need to be beefed up a little anyway, and this would make it look more like one long cushion. 

Anywho…….this was the biggest home decor project I have ever attempted.  I’m waaayyyy far from a slipcover expert, but this sofa was difficult to figure out.  The arms and the back roll.  Then the back slants in all the way to the bottom.

I made plenty of mistakes. 


And learned sooooo much. 


I combined  cotton lace and drop cloth material for the skirt.  I really wanted to use that lace but only had a little bit of it.  In the end, I really like the way that it looks.  I alternated the two fabrics and gathered the drop cloth fabric about twice as full.019 

I would have to say that many of the mistakes that I made were due to the fact that I was trying to make due with the amount of fabric that I already had.  So I tried to skimp in a few places.  NOT a good idea.  I found out quickly that more is better.  (Fabric that is)   cut it short, and your slipcover is going to pull and shift in all the wrong places. 

Overall…..I am thrilled with the result.  Oh…..and my back may never be the same.  Or my sewing machine.  Poor baby.  That heavy canvas was almost too much for the poor little light weight thing.

Note to self…… lighter weight fabric next time.

Note to self…….stock up on Aleve.  You’re gonna need it!

And yes, there will be more to come.  A good friend of mine and I are DETERMINED to conquer slip covering.  We should be able to tackle slip covers for clients after the first of the year. 

All okay most, mistakes and problems will be tackled with our own personal pieces of furniture. 

To be continued!



  1. Your slip cover looks great and waaaay too much work! My hats off to you!! XO Marilou

  2. Congratulations! I have done a LOT of home remodel and decorating projects and slipcovers are not one of the things I would take on. Your bravery paid off and it looks great!

  3. Wow! It looks great. Can't wait to see the next things you'll cover.

  4. I love this everything about it... the way you added the lace just made me go awww.

  5. It is looking great and look's so comfortable! Thanks for sharing Denise and have a good evening...Julian

  6. Your slipcovers look wonderful and that sofa looks all cushy and inviting. I admire you for tackling such a big job. I have always wanted to slipcover my chairs but I'm not sure I can do it.

    I love the way you added the lace on the ruffle. Beautiful job.


  7. Looks fabulous. I would never have the courage to tackle that!!!

  8. First let me say I love the new collaged header and that slipcover is amazing. I tried one years ago and never completely finished it. I like that you only used that much lace. It's easy to over use lace and wind up with one big granny doily for a sofa. It's perfect.
    Have fun starting this new biz....I'm sure you and your friend will do great.

  9. I'm so impressed Denise! I think you did a wonderful job. I've always thought these would be so hard to make because of the sheer size. You did a wonderful job!

  10. You did such an awesome job, though! I am beyond impressed, it's really gorgeous and amazing, I would be way to scared to even attempt something like this! XX!


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