Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

Are you ready?  Ready to resume all of those projects that we love to read about? 

Blogland certainly inspires me with my projects.  I’ve actually purchased paint in the last year from a bloggers recommendation.  The way I see it…..they have a beautiful home…..they have amazingly good taste… why not!  And the color was indeed perfect!

Around here, we’re ready to party!

Christmas has been put away for the year and we’re wearing our party hats!

Winter decor has taken it’s proper place.  P.S……I presently LOVE corks for filler!

All of our pets have been returned to their homes.

And I’m ready to paint.   The kitchen that is…….or maybe not quite yet.  It’s exhausting just thinking about it!

Do you have any projects planned for the new year?


  1. I had a bunch of projects planned for our winter break and I didn't do a one of them. I've mostly been just enjoying time. Good luck with painting. Wishes for peace joy and love in the new year. Tammy

  2. Luv all the cool little vignettes! Have a great New Years..................Julian

  3. What sweet vingettes. I'm glad all of the animals have been returned to their homes.

    I have lots of projects, way too many to name. Many of them, or most of them, inspired by bloggers.


  4. Many ideas for this new year!

    Happy New Year!!!!
    Best Wishes!


  5. Happy New Year Sweet Girl!

    Thank you for all you share with all of us throughout the year.

    May 2011 bring you much love and happiness!


  6. Yes I do!! Painting my bedroom and my bathroom. Putting up stencils and organizing my studio!! Whew! I am tired already!!
    Happy New Year dear one

  7. Happy New Year, darling! It looks so gorgeous, I love white for winter, and thank you for your comment, here's wishing you a wonderful holiday! XX!

  8. Love your cork fillers! Yes, at least two painting projects planned. One - revamping my son's room (vintage military). Two - repainting my kitchen pink . . . again (there is a story behind that one, lol). Cheers to all of the fun projects ahead for 2011!

  9. I love the little party hat on Mr. Lamp Monkey. Hopefully, we will start remodeling the last two bedrooms and the common bathroom soon. My husband did an amazing remodel job in our master bedroom and bath. Now I am spoiled!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Oh yes, projects are in the planning here too. A wall is coming down to open up our dining nook and let more light into the living area. Painting the nook/kitchen and living room will ensue. I am not looking forward to the kitchen part either but I know I will love it once it is done. Happy project planning and painting!

  11. Happy New Year, Denise...

    Per usual....I'm backlogged on stuff I want to do around the house. This spring I really want to try putting together a small garden area with large container for growing some veggies and I want to plant a flower garden. {or at least decide and have a plan!} ha ha

    With all the wildlife around here I'm afraid they may harvest much more than I do! But I've got to give it a try anyway.

    I look forward to another year of friendship with you and wish you a year filled with bliss and prosperity.

    Embellish Your Life!
    Stephanie ♥

  12. Tons of painting to do I don't even know where to I haven't. Still trying to catch up on sleep!! haha but tomorrow the big clean up project has to start. Give me strength!

    Happy New Year...looking forward to see more of you in 2011!

  13. I have a book full of goals and ideas...and I do intend to tick each and everyone of them by the end of 2011! ;D
    happy new year to you too!

  14. I'm crazy over your monkey lamp! any chance you could let me know where you found this?


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