Sunday, December 5, 2010

That “DUH” moment

My mother had this cute little hand made desk.  I had always loved it.  But I had absolutely no place for it. 

It sat and sat.  For over a year.  Because I just couldn’t bear the thought of selling it.

All twiggy and so eclectic.  The front has a hidden drawer.

I finally decided it was time to sell it.


I brought it home to refinish the top and get it ready.

It’s sooo cute and unusual.  Huummm……I wonder……

Who says it has to be used as a desk.

A strand of favorite tarnished stars.

Some sweet Christmas decor in a favorite apothecary jar.

Favorite sweet doggies and a little mercury glass.

A basket full of vintage goodness.

Sitting on top of two battered vintage suitcases.

Huummm……..looking pretty cute.


Well DUH……it took me a YEAR to figure this out!? 

I think I love it.  I KNOW I’ll keep it.

They love it.  They told me so.  You believe me, don’t you?


Of course you do!

Have a wonderful week.



  1. I love how you used the table, Denise...looks wonderful!

  2. I love it! I've always been crazy for twig furniture. I sold most of mine when I moved into this house. But kept a few favorite pieces. Some I'm still trying to figure out what to do with them. I think like day it will suddenly come to me. Very pretty.

  3. I'm Lovin how you decorated that Wonderful table..... Great Idea! regarding me parting with some of My Treasured Magazines, I am doing it as a Need, not a want... Still not working after being laid off, So Doing what I can for Christmas ~ I Hope Your is a Blessed One

  4. Oh, that looks marvellous! I love what you did, how cute!!! Your vignettes are always so interesting and lovely!!!!
    Margaret B

  5. It is wonderful! And looks perfect between the chairs!!!!

  6. Nita sent me to your blog. She said its her favorite, or one of them I am following you now. Come over to my blog and enter my book giveaway on Romantic Style.Today is the last day to enter! All you have to do is follow my blog. Be sure to click on the book giveaway link at the top of the blog though! Your twig table and vignette is adorable! I'd keep it too!

  7. Glad you were able to keep your Mom's table, very unique. The angel with the crown necklace, staff, and on her head is amazing, where did she come from?

  8. I love it too! So wonderful that you found a use for such a unique piece in your home. Love the little Christmas vignettes!

  9. Of course I BELIEVE "they" told you they loved it!!! After all... those who don't BELIEVE don't have MAGIC in their life! :)
    Looks great! Thanks for sharing & I hope you have a wonderful week!

  10. I think it looks great... love what you did with it... also love your Christmas decor! Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

  11. I love your little desk. It's perfect for a side table. I can't see the drawer at all, it's well hidden. Aren't you glad you held on to it? Have a wonderful week :-)

  12. Hurray! I'm so glad you kept it! It looks great with all of your beautiful Holiday things!

    Warm Hugs,

  13. Yes, absolutely! they told you so. :0) Sometimes we have to take a year or more to figure these design elements out....hee hee

    It's really cute...all twiggy sitting between those ADORABLE chairs!

    I've given up on ever catching up. I'm doing good to blog once a week these days. I'm really trying to do more...seriously! :0)

    I'm so glad you came over to visit with me. I think of you often. ♥

    It's brrrrrrr cold here right now....two days of blowing accumulation but now my highs are like 31 and lows in the teens...we did get the wood stove installed. A great help the the central heat with this high ceiling in the great room.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  14. hahaha, I think we have all had "duh" moments!!! it is really to cute to sell!!!

  15. Like Charlene said, of course I believe 'they' love it. I believe 'they' come out at night when we are asleep. Don't you?
    I'm happy you kept your Mother's desk!


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