Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Don’t know where this last week has gone.  I’ve been busy as a bee and without my camera.  That has put a damper on my blogging creativity. I’m not too talented with my picture taking, but I always enjoy it. 

I did find a couple of pics. in my archives of a project I had been meaning to share.

My recently repainted and recovered counter stools.


Browns and creams to match my new neutral dining colors.  Can you tell what this fabric is? No?  It’s oil cloth!  I thought it might be a little easier to keep clean since we sit at the kitchen counter for most of our meals.

And grandkiddos can’t get them dirty!


Although they look a little yellow in this picture, the rooster counter stools were spray painted cream.

You can find this oil cloth along with other awesome designs HERE

The oil cloth was very easy to work with.  I actually hot glued it (on low heat setting) on to the seat.  Easypeasy!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where Did It Begin?

Have you made it around to all of the Where Bloggers Create participants?  I sure haven’t!  I’m still working my way through the list.  I hate to miss any.  I’ve seen so many wonderful spaces with so many yummy goodies.

My tastes have changed BACK to the more chippy, shabby vintage in recent years.  Part of this may be nostalgic.  Since my mother passed away I’ve really headed in that direction.  But then I started thinking…….where DID it all begin?  This passion for vintage?  I kind of lost it for a long while there.  Too busy raising kids, I guess. 

My mother was a long time “junk” lover.  Every summer when I was a kid, we would go to Manitou, Co.  And she and I would go antique shopping.  I distinctly remember Mrs.Voss antique shop.  You would walk into the shop, located in an old building, and be amazed by the masses of “stuff.”  It was everywhere…..on tables, under tables, hanging from the ceiling, stacks on stacks, on the walls.  Just layers and layers of stuff to dig through.  And not a single piece had seen a dust cloth in perhaps years.  The sunlight would filter through the windows, dust particles dancing in the  light.  Of course, this just added to the mystique and appeal of the shop, for my mother and I. 

I was always allowed to buy something little for myself.  A few things of which I still have.

This tiny little jar.  I don’t know what it was (or is) that appealed to me, but it’s in my little studio corner today.

A tiny little plate.  Probably from a child’s tea set.  I loved then, and still do, the crackle and old brown patina.

And my most prized possession for years.

This art deco piece.  I was TOLD that the purple cast of the glass meant that it was very very old.  It lives in my guest bath today.

So I guess this is where my passion began.  Even though I lost my way for awhile, holding onto a few pieces from my past must surely show that the “vintage Junker” was still in there somewhere, just waiting to be turned loose on an unsuspecting world again some day.:)

So here I am, knowing, from all the spaces I toured over the weekend, that I love love the concept of “more is better.”  And just looking for new ways to add to my yummy junky world!

Just this weekend, I dug out this old jewelry box.  It hadn’t seen the light of day in forever.  What the heck was I thinking, anyway?!

It’s not NEARLY full enough yet!  HAHA!!

Hope you’re having a wonderful week filled with all the things that YOU love!


Friday, June 18, 2010

It’s Where My Muse Lives!

My tiny little slice of the world.  My little studio. 

Some people love being organized with everything put out of sight.  Hidden and organized.  Not me!  I find my inspiration comes when I live with (kinda) organized chaos.  


A world where this weeks vignette may become bits and pieces of next weeks project.

Or bits and pieces saved from previous projects, become this weeks vignette.

Pretties saved from my past.  Or sometimes other peoples past. 

I organize in boxes, jars, and vintage tins. 

Because you see…..this tiny studio of mine, also doubles as a guest room.

One of my most precious possessions is my tree bed.  Made for me by a beautiful friend.  At first, I didn’t like the idea of sharing my little space as a guest room.  But I actually find myself in this room quite a bit.  It’s such an inspiring space for me.  Sometimes to just relax and dream of my next project, or recover from a previous project!  :) And many times to blog about what is going on in my life.  In fact, I’m writing this post right now from my studio.  It just seemed “right”

Vintage pillow cases and pillows.  I love them.  And it’s the one, okay the only, thing that I still iron.  Every time I launder my pillow cases, I starch them before I put them back on the bed.  My muse likes them that way!  :)
My quilt has seen some changes over the past year, but in the end.  I’m staying with white.  It’s so calm and relaxing in an  otherwise busy busy room.

My work table is an old long fold out table that I found in the garage.  I simply glued the fabric and trim on and decided to leave the top as is.  Easier to clean that way!  A skirted table is a perfect way for me to hide more of my supplies.

My corner cabinet has turned out to be just perfect.  I have my little t.v. inside and storage underneath.  And my fabulous and oh so talented daughter just finished painting it for me.  It adds the perfect amount of whimsy.  Don’t you think?  You can see more of Heather’s work HERE.  Her business is called Lucky Peach Designs.   She paints for many designers and individuals and stays WAY busy!  Thanks Heather for taking time to paint my corner cabinet!  But that IS one of the perks of being “Mom!” 

A closer look.  I love my little flower knobs that I found at Hobby Lobby. 

And so do all of my little friends!  This is a room where every day is a Holiday!  The glittered skeleton is an all time favorite. Heather found them after Halloween last year for $2.50 each!!!  I loved him so much, I just couldn’t put him away.  So he’s been joined with a few of my other favs.

The same with this little girl who sits next to the tree bed.

Trying to keep that fabric organized.


This cabinet is a life saver in that department.  It helps keep my fabric and lots of other goodies in order.


Other random goodies in vintage suitcases, hat boxes, and storage boxes on top.


Ribbons, buttons, and assorted trims in an old suitcase.


Vintage linens.  I love them and decorate with them around the house, switching them out frequently.

Purchased this tiny skirt because……it looks cute hanging up?  I do silly things like that occasionally.

A favorite digital project.

A lamp that I repainted and made a slipcover for the shade.  To better match my little studio room.  Of course!

When I couldn’t afford one of the new ruffled slips that I was seeing, I made myself one.  I’ve been sewing A LOT lately.  My daughter was recently married and I made her dress.



I actually altered the pattern to include the beaded and sequined train.  It was a scary project.  But with determination, and a LOT of encouragement from all of my blog friends, I did it!  And in the end, it looked beautiful on Heather.


We also made her bouquet.  Every fabric flower in it was handmade by us.  We then incorporated the vintage jewelry.

So……my little studio and sewing machine have gotten quite a workout lately.

Which means that in a space that small, lots of work has to overflow into other parts of the house.  Namely my oh sooooo useful 7 foot farm table.  I never could have cut all of that fabric without it!


And that nearly indestructible pine top.  Just scratch it up, then wax afterwards.  Good as new.

More views from my studio…….

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Digital art, paper dolls, handmade flowers, sewing, just creating and being creative.  These are the things that I love!  In the end it’s all about having………


I hope you enjoyed my studio tour!  Have fun touring.  I’m off myself to blogland to see some of the beautiful studios out there! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!



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