Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Sad Goodbye

Well….I tried EVERYWHERE to find a place for my sofa.


My custom reupholstered vintage sofa.


But in the end, it made it’s way to the Rink.  We delivered it today.

Someone will be taking home a wonderful piece of furniture.  New foam in the cushions.  New foam and down in the back.  I probably sat on this sofa a total of about 30 minutes during the entire time that I owned it.  I needed the new sewing area waaaayy more than I needed to keep my sofa…..sigh……

Heather painted the coffee table a couple of weeks ago and it just happens to look fab. with the sofa.  So cute and colorful and the perfect height.

Our new partner, Ms. R,, wanted to sell her matching ottomans.   I LOVED them!  With their faux fur bottoms and red damask tops.  They also just happened to match the sofa and the coffee table. 



We also have two solid black end tables that we just brought in and this……


Is this chest just the most adorable thing ever?!

We’re stocked FULL of lamps, framed art, and lots of other goodies.  Coming soon are cute Easter goodies and other pieces of furniture!

Can’t wait to show you the pictures of our Easter decor.  We have had so much fun creating.

Yes…..we have a new partner.  Ms. R is just the sweetest, but prefers to remain mysterious.  She has exactly the same taste and passions for decorating and creating as Heather and I and a HUGE ambition to see us grow beyond  our humble little space at the Rink.  NO…..there is NOT another shop in our future.  This is working out well for us.  But there MAY be other news in our future. 

Well, so much for this rambling post!  :)

Talk to everyone later in the week!



  1. Out with the old and in with the new...sure was a cute couch though. Can't wait to hear your news that you are going to torture and make us wait for!!! LOL


  2. You make me smile. I haven't been to the RINK in a bit...Maybe I will go this week! Hmmmmm...yes! Maybe I just will!


  3. That header scared the crap out of me. I thought one of your pets died. So I was happy to see that it just meant that his fabulous sofa is at The Rink.! That's a great sofa. And I REALLY love Heather's painted coffee table with it.

  4. Well, at least now you will be sitting and creating at your sewing machine...instead of on your lovely couch thinking that you should be sewing :D

  5. Oh no, Denise. Although if you needed the actual room rather than the sofa, it is probably for the best. I'm sure it will find a good home and what a great {unmatched} set it makes with the ottomans and coffee table. That owl on the dresser is a "hoot"! ; )

  6. I love your sofa and probably would have sat my sewing machine on top of it just to keep it!
    Someone is going to grab it up!!
    Your booth looks fabulous. I love it all.


  7. Hello ladies!

    Just stopping by to let you know that I am having a give-away to celebrate my return to blogging and say thank you to all my followers who have kept me in their blogroll despite my year's absence from blogging (I was busy having a baby and learning to be a new mamma! :) ) Im giving away a season of The Waltons, and if you are interested, all you need do is head over to the blog and sign up for the give-away.

    Blessings, and its good to be back in bloggyland!


  8. The sofa is really nice..the coffee table a real work of art..but the dresser?? Well..maybe it has to grow on you! :)
    HOW I would love to do what you do!!

  9. That owl-faced chest is just so adorable :)

  10. I love the sofa! And the coffee table......can't say enough about it! Very original! I wish I lived near The Rink!

  11. I can't even tell you how much I love Heather's painting. What a talent that girl is!!! Of course I love your sofa and I am sure it was tough to make the decision to sell it.
    The Rink looks amazing Denise!
    sending hugs

  12. Wow you have really gotten a lot done and everything looks so pretty. Glad I found your blog.


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