Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Affair With The Chair

First of all let me say that my Hubby thinks that everything that comes into this house, you know, “stuff” wise, is Smithsonian worthy.  I think maybe he’s watched Antique Road Show one too many times.

I try to tell him “sometimes junk is just junk.”  He’s not buying it. 

“No more painting everything white!” He says.

“Anything you say honey.”  I say.  Yeah, right!

I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do!

So there’s this SWEET little vintage chair that I brought home from my Mother’s.  In terrible shape.  Not good for anything except just looking cute.  Used to be red.  Now faded on one side from the sun. The leather seat is peeling up.  It NEEDs help.  It needs PAINT.

Tuesday, Hubby is going to be gone ALL DAY!  Yippee! 

I sneak my little chair into the house.  Just me… chair……and a can of white paint.   Aahhh…….the perfect morning. 

It’s looking soooo much better. I’m about a third of the way through my project.    It’s about noon.

Hey……I’m taking my time, enjoying my project.   Stopping for coffee……

And here comes Hubby!!  Waaayyy early!

And my chair and I are caught red handed.

Aaahhh ooohhh!

He walks in….his eyes get as big as saucers and he actually, and I’m not kidding, gasps!

Is that you Mother’s chair?

“What are you doing home so early!!”  I ask.

He didn’t even answer me.  He walked off mumbling something about he thinks we need to call the family together for an intervention.


So here’s my chair……..all painted.  What do YOU think?

I know!  Right?!


  1. It's worth an intervention so pretty!!

  2. Exactly! It looks perfect, Denise! Did he know what it looked like before when it was at your Mom's? Plus, white is the perfect way to go because then you could put it in ANY room. That's my thinking anyway and most of what I paint from here on out will be white {or some shade of white}.

  3. Hilarious story, Denise!!
    How I convinced my husband to paint wood was told him it's can always strip it and bring it back to natural wood. He does put his foot down when it comes to American Oak
    antique pieces, tho. ;-)
    Love the chair!!

  4. funny story, pretty photo's good combination! oxoxo, tracie

  5. I LOVE it!!! Tell hubby that all your fellow bloggers are behind you...."Let's Paint!!!" lol xx

  6. So funny! My hubby doesn't think anything that comes in our house is very special,so he doesn't care what I paint! haha! The chair looks fabulous in white!

  7. Ha! Don't you hate it when they come home early?!
    I think the chair looks wonderful and I am sure your mother would too!

  8. You are soooo funny Denise! I have had to paint on the sly as well. What is it with men and wood and paint???? I have a friend who had this cheap and ugly wood (fake) paneling in her house and she painted it white while he was away...oh I thought that was going to be the end of their marraige.LOL!
    Your mother's chair is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    hugs to you...

  9. I'm loving that chair painted WHITE!! tee hee That is so funny that your husband has decided to chime in on what he thinks you shouldn't do anymore {concerning white paint}....oh my goodness..after 35 years he hasn't learned better? tee hee :0)

    Pink Sparkles for your day,

  10. What a cute story... I think you chair is gorgeous!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  11. I love the details of that chair. Painting it white brings out it's beauty.
    I guess I'm lucky George lets me paint anything and even encourages me too. Now if only I could get him to paint more:)

    happy weekend to you,


  12. Hi Denise, Your chair looks very pretty in white.
    When I started to paint some pieces of furniture white, hubby was a little reluctant first. After a while he liked it and now he finds little shelfs and things at the flea market with the intention to paint them white.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Your chair turned out really well and your story is so funny!

  14. Beautiful! Your Mother would much prefer you to enjoy it painted than to not enjoy it as it was.

  15. Great story telling
    and I LoVe the chair !

    Thank you for sharing the fun.

  16. What a great story!
    I LOVE the chair white, I love what you have displayed on it and I love it next to that fabulous white fireplace!


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