Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finding Fall!

It’s finally time to decorate with my favorite colors!  I am SUCH an autumn person.  I love the yummy oranges and browns and golds.  I finished the center piece on my farm table.

One of the best things that I ever did for myself was invest in some decent looking “faux” fall décor.  I’m prone to buying cheap and then ending up with a cheap look. 

I’m loving my decor this year in my French grape picking crate.  And it was easy peasy.  I think it took all of about five minutes.


I included a burlap runner that I made.  I’ve made quite a few to sell, but some how….some way…….the ruffle on this one was WAY crooked.  I don’t know how I did it.  Must have been napping at the time!  Anywho……you can’t tell when it’s all bunched up on the table.  Which is the way that I prefer them any way.   Such a SHAME that I just had to keep it.

In my usual form……I didn’t take pics. of the others.  They’re nice and wide, at about 22” wide and 6 ft. long without the length of the ruffles.  See them at The Rink this week.  All colors from brights to neutrals.  Something for everyone!!

Here’s the over all look.  That small black chair will be going away and another taller back chair painted in the Paris grey chalk paint will go there.  I think my 7” farm table may be one of my favorite pieces of furniture!

And OTHER new goodies…….

I had decided I WAS NOT going to keep this.  No way.

Then I put it together and sat it in the kitchen.

I was going to HATE the color.

I have no willpower what so ever.  NONE!  If I decide to keep it (who am I kidding) I need to think of something cute to hang on the left end towel bar.  Instead of the tacky kitchen towel. Smile

So…..what do you think?  Should I keep it or sell it?  So far everyone loves it.  Well…..except Hubby.  He just wants the fastest path from point A to point B.  We’ve been arguing for years about a center island.  I told him this one wasn’t staying.  And I REALLY REALLY meant it…….at the time!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Joining  Terri at A Creative Princess for her Thursday Party!  You can find the direct link to her wonderful blog on my bottom left sidebar!


  1. Hi Denise,
    I love the center island in your kitchen. Looks like it has been there forever. Don't worry, hubs will get used to it! LOL!

    I love your fall centerpiece. Has all the right, pretty elements.


  2. It looks great! I love Fall too!

  3. Your table looks beautiful, Denise! I love your runner and you certainly can't tell the ruffle is crooked from these pictures.

  4. Ohmygosh, I love that island. If you don't keep it, you'll kick yourself later!!! xoxo

  5. Fall is my favorite too, I love the rich colors. I love the fall decor on that gorgeous farm table. I also LOVE the island! I just painted an island and I have no choice but to sale it, as I have no room.

  6. Oh Denise, your centerpiece is just gorgeous. In fact the whole room is. I love those little oops that make me have to keep something I made. The island, keeep keeep keep. You may not find another. I am on the same wavelength. Everything is for sale. Hubs says, keep a few things you really love regardless of how much they may sell for. It is hard though. Like being pulled in two directions. Business person and home owner who loves beautiful things. At least keep it until you come across something you love even more! ;~) Pam

  7. Your centerpiece looks so pretty, and I just love the way you "bunched up" the ends of the table runner. I am going to have to try that!

    I would say keep the island. You can never have enough storage or workspace in a kitchen, and it looks great!

  8. Gee! I think stay! It is gorgeous and a perfect island! My hubby complains when there are things in his way too...sigh!!
    Hand him a map and a flashlight and keep it

  9. I would definitely keep the island. I love mine. Hubby will get used to it.
    Love the tablescape. I'm with you I like using the good fake flowers...makes a huge difference in the end....they make them so well these days.


  10. Your Fall decorations look great and that is a fabulous table. I love that center island too. Will be very handy. Guys and kids don't want anything in their way from A to Z but they'll adjust once its been there for a while. :) My family never likes it when I rearrange the living room but then they get used to it. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  11. I love the centerpiece! More importantly, the island looks awesome! I vote for it to stay!

  12. I love the centerpiece you created and I absolutely adore that farm table!

    I too think you should keep the island. I like it the way it is but I can also imagine you and Heather turning it into something truly unique.


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