Monday, November 21, 2011


Finally……two years and nearly three months later, we have my Mother’s house on the market!   So here it is.  All staged and ready. 


Such a cute house.  My mother always had pretty flowers planted in her flower beds.  There is a brick sidewalk going up to the front door and also brick around the flower bed in front of the house that you can’t see.


Entry.  Brick throughout high traffic areas.  That’s the front door directly to the right and the utility room to the far right.  On past that you walk into the living room on the left.


Here’s the living room.  New carpet.  Heather and I painted the book cases on either side of the fireplace.


Here’s another view from the dining room.  The ENTIRE and I do mean ENTIRE house is repainted.  From every ceiling to every base board!!


Here’s the dining room.  Look at that shiny shiny brick!  I mopped and resealed every bit of it.  Good exercise I tell ya!   We put in a new chandelier.  And a cute ceiling medallion painted to match the chandelier that you can’t see in this pic.  And notice the sky light above the kitchen sink.


Galley kitchen.  My mother tore out the original kitchen and remodeled.  All new cabinets and that is real butcher block on either side of the stove.  We’re leaving the refrigerator with the house. 


Looking to the back of the house from the dining area.  This is the HUGE den that she added on.  You can barely see a door in the right corner.  That’s a giant craft closet that runs the entire length of this room. 


Standing in front of that door, this is what you see.  The French doors lead to this……..


I know!  Cute isn’t it!


Here’s the back yard.  My mother was quite the gardener.  Even though the yard has barely been tended in over two years, it has great bones and is just waiting for someone to love it.  There’s even a little pond.



Master bedroom.  We painted the bathroom cabinets black and put in new tiles.  There’s a toilet and shower area to the left and a walk in closet to the right.



Hall bath.  Vanity repainted the same color as the living room book cases.


Middle bedroom.  Built in book cases. 


Front bedroom.  Don’t you love that cute bed Heather painted?  Both of these bedrooms also have walk in closets.  Also the hall which leads to the bedrooms has a coat closet and nice built-ins.

Our pictures could be a little better, it was a dark dreary day today and even with the flash, they were a little dark.  I tried lightening them in Photo Shop but only had limited luck.  Our main paint color is Ralph Lauren Canvas Natural VM15.  I was going to link back to the color swatch online but it looked a little fleshy to me.  It is such a GREAT color and seems to just play off of any other color that you put with it.  I used an egg shell finish to that the walls would be easy to keep clean for the new owner. 

So this is it.  Keeping in mind that everything we brought in for staging had to go back out, we kept furniture and accessories to a minimum.  Hopefully just enough so that buyers can visualize how nice their furnishings will look.

We want to SELL this house so it’s priced right.  1900 SF   $124,500.00 !! 

Hope you enjoyed your tour and if you know of anyone who is looking for a cute move-in ready house in the OKC area, contact our realtor, Debra O’Toole 405-641-7745

Have a wonderful week and a great Thanksgiving.  I know this is quite a weight off of my family’s shoulders to have the house on the market.



  1. You did a lot of work here, Denise, but it has certainly paid off! Here's hoping for a quick sale!

  2. It looks so cozy and welcoming! Such nice touches! A lot of space in that house!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :D

  3. all of your hard work really looks fantastic. I swear if I was moving to OKC I would definately look this place it. It is laid out well and seems to have a good flow. Best of luck, may it sell quickly. Happy Thanksgiving all.

  4. Wow, you certainly worked hard and it all looks wonderful! Someone is going to be a very lucky homeowner!

  5. Beautiful home! You all did a fabulous job with it!!
    Good luck on the sale

  6. Well I guess you are right....priced to sell! what a bargain. That house would go for double here!

    good luck!

  7. Everything looks bright and fresh - great job!!! And I cannot believe the price - it would go for around $300,000 here in CO. Hope it sells soon!
    ~ Zuzu


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