Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine Day!

A day early, but oh well.  I have had a GREAT early valentine.  I had the most amazing corn chowder last Friday for lunch.  Apparently a Pioneer Woman recipe.  So hubby made it for me this evening. 

corn chowder

Photo  and recipe from The Pioneer Woman web site.  Ours wasn’t in a bread bowl.  But equally as yummy with toasted French bread.  Oh…..and we added two cans of chicken.  Just like we had last Friday.  It really sets off the recipe.  Which you can find HERE.   Yummy yummy…….!

Also hubby bought me a NEW CELL PHONE!  A big deal for me.  Mine was ancient.

corn chowder2

Now I can text and EVERYTHING!  Just like a big girl!  Woohoo!!

be mine2

Here’s a Valentine for all of you from me………

Oh….and one more very important thing.

Sweet Carole at Maynard Greenhouse is having a wonderful giveaway.  You can read more about it HERE

Happy happy Valentine Day!



  1. You forgot one thing...the recipe!!

    1. Nope! The recipe is where it says to click "here" it will take you directly to the recipe on her site.

  2. I've always wanted to make clam chowder in bread but know I would want to eat all the bread too:)

    I just got a new iphone and wonder what took me soo long,,,my last smart phone was not so smart.

    Thanks for the bloglove about the giveaway.

    happy love day,

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope that you are enjoying your new phone! And that soup looks delicious!


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