Thursday, March 15, 2012

Should You?

This post would best be titled SHOULD YOU, COULD YOU, WOULD YOU???  As in….. should you remove ALL of the old wallpaper before you texture and paint?   Could you…..just maybe…….texture and paint right over it?  Would you DARE texture and paint over five (yep 5) layers of wallpaper. 
The answer, of course, is quite simple.  YES you should remove the old wallpaper.  NO you wouldn’t dare texture and paint over five layers of paper.  And well…..could you…..I was about to find out.  Heather said I had lost my mind.  But then again, I was the same person who had hung all five layers of wallpaper in their bathroom. 
So Heather agreed to texture my bathroom walls.  I believe her final words before starting were “don’t blame me if you come downstairs in the morning and wallpaper and texture are all over the floor.”
So I held my breathe……and guess what?  IT worked! 
But as a final disclaimer.  I would have to say “don’t try this at home!”  This is not a project for any sane person! Smile
I LOVE it!  Of course, I have no before pictures.  But this bathroom was in dire need of a redo.  Because the vanity was still in excellent shape we decided to keep it intact and I just painted the cabinets.  What had been a dark almost Aubusson blue, I painted in……uummm……I’m too lazy to go downstairs and look at the can but I think it was the Anne Sloan French Linen?  At first I wasn’t too crazy about it.  It looked almost like a dull concrete color.  But after Heather sanded the cabinets for me and I painted the walls, I began to like it more and more.
I  kept the crown hardware that I already had.  You can actually see it with the lighter colors.
This is a very dark bathroom.  The difference with the lighter colors is soooooo refreshing after a dark chocolate brown.
My “Three Sisters” vintage picture found its way back into the vanity area.  That’s my Nanny, as I called her, in the middle with her two sisters when they were all very young.
Some how, I kind of ended up with  a cherub theme in here.  Not intentional at all.
I painted the yucky gold mirror that I already had in old white chalk paint.  The wings came from Hobby Lobby.  They were welded together and hanging from a chain.  It was a simple thing to just pry them apart.  That’s another vintage photo above.  Yes it’s ME!  Vintage, for sure!!
Pictures tell all, don’t they?  I have GOT to make a cord cover for my lamp and paint my outlet covers.

I love buying the scented pump hand soaps from T.J. Maxx.  They smell yummy!  I sat them in a $1.00 thrift store tray with old buttons.
Keeping it simple in the tiny potty area.  Another vintage pic. of moi.
The shower curtain is from Target, Shabby Chic collection.  I still have to add a ruffle to the bottom.  I want it hung clear to the top of the soffit.
This old window will hang directly opposite the vanity.  Still have to clean it and attach hooks.
And new carpet in the vanity area finished this project off! 
Now I love walking into my like new guest bath!  Next project will be the master bath.  We already have it completely gutted and Hubby is working on the floor.  These projects have been on my “to do” list for a long time.  I’m excited to finally be on the road to completing them!

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  1. looks wonderful and I was just about to ask about the wind Hobby lobby you say okay I feel the need to shop .... well done it is stunning... look what a drop of paint will do Hugs wendy

  2. What a beautiful bathroom! Love the angel wings!

  3. It looks so pretty! Your guests may never come out of the bathroom...haha!

  4. My home was built in 1970 and the idiot who built (trying to be nice) hung wallpaper on the ceiling in the den directly onto the sheetrock. It was NOT coming down. We tried everything. All we ended up doing was messing up the ceiling even more by jamming it up. We textured over it and it's held for 20 years and six layers of paint. Wallpaper hasn't budged!



    1. How funny. They used to hang paper that way all the time. Just paste it straight on the sheet rock! Thanks so much for visiting.

  5. Very nice! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

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