Monday, July 9, 2012

Back In The Kitchen!

We just finished another project in the kitchen!  Meet my new blackboard.


It’s on the door going to the utility room


I love it!  Hubby drew out the entire project for me.   I had thought about doing a separate blackboard and then attaching it to the door, but we go in and out of this door constantly.  We finally painted the blackboard paint directly onto the hollow core door.  Then we used old fence pieces for the trim.  I was going to leave the trim more rustic, but several splinters later we decided that probably wasn’t a good idea.  The trim is  painted with A.S. Provence chalk paint and then lightly glazed.  I applied several layers of clear coat.  Then Hubby attached the trim with his handy dandy nail gun!

Then…..with the door looking so pretty……I decided the center island needed a bit of a pick-me-up. 


Again….Provence chalk paint.  Then her pretty legs got a little Provence and a little Old Ochre.  Again I applied just a little bit of light glazing.


Is she stylin’ or what?! 


I would eventually love to do a zinc top. ( Baby steps Denise……baby steps.)

The kitchen is coming along.  Next I need to decide what to do about that wine rack above the fridge.  Not that I don’t love wine.  Heck I could use a couple of glasses after all of this work.  Smile

I just don’t love the wine rack any more.  It would be a major pain to tear out so I think I’ve decided to do a little curtain to cover it.

Then paint the walls.  Yuck!  Anyone up for a paint party!  Yeah…..I didn’t think so……Sad smile

Lastly….this is Miss Molly’s newest adventure.


Grab a dish towel off of end of the center island and ruuunnnnnn.  Willow cheers her on.  I wash a LOT of towels these days. 

Couldn’t get rid of those creepy eyes.  Oh well. 

Hope that everyone has a fabulous week. 

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  1. How cute I just love all things vintage, hope it's ok add some of your post to my We Really Made It FB page. You have a dorable ideas here. tks for sharing. Tink

  2. Your kitchen is so pretty now that it's all white. I love your island. I found wheels the other day for mine and will show soon. My kitchen is really too small for it...but I'm trying to make it work. Love seeing of of your kitchen as it's been redone.

  3. should add this to my Mod Mix Monday party.

  4. Oh...I just saw you did link up at my party. I had seen you on my blog list and hadn't seen you'd already linked up. Thanks!

  5. What charming ideas--I love the shade of blue you selected!

  6. Love that center island!!! Beautiful...and the chalkboard door looks terrific!!

  7. Denise I've always loved that chalk board idea. I like how you put it directly onto the door. Your dog is cute. It's like he's/she's saying 'Catch me if you can!' Lol. To cute.

  8. Love the chalk board door!
    Greetings from Australia♥

  9. I love the blackboard, especially with that gorgeous trim. Your dog is just TOO cute!
    Your kitchen is lovely.
    Hugs, cindy

  10. It's looking good Ms. Denise! You and Heather just ooze talent! I miss sitting in that kitchen with you guys and making stuff. Johnathan says he missed the chepawpaw burgers! :) Not sure if I spelled it right, but you know what I mean. So excited for your new venture too! <3

  11. Looks wonderful. I absolutely love the island.

  12. Miss Molly and her antics are adorable too.


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