Thursday, September 20, 2012


Signs that the Sugar Moon barn sale is fast approaching!  We’ve been working hard at the barn.  Who KNEW that cool old barns are SOOOO dirty!  We have swept and swept and then swept some more.  And in between all of that we’ve had two  workshops with another one Saturday.  Not complaining AT ALL.  We are happy campers to be so so busy! 

The barn sale is going to be AMAZING!  We have been very fortunate to round up some wonderful vendors.  And….Heather and I have been working hard too.


Here’s what I’ve been working on.  I think I’ve found my new love!  Hubby is making these awesome signs and then we’re hand painting them.

Here’s one that Heather did.  The same size as the one above.


All hand painted.  I WISH I had a Cricut machine! HAHA!  I’m getting faster with each one, though.


This one will be available for custom painting.  I think I may go back and paint in the word “home”.  Sure, I need to make more work for myself.  Smile  That is the sign I’m going to hang on my front porch.  I’ve been married HOW LONG?!


Here’s another one.  In the meantime, my house is pretty much a mess.  I’m doing good just to keep the laundry done!  Work on…….!!!!

See…..I am still among the living!

See Ya!



  1. I love those signs! Have a great weekend. Tammy

  2. I am loving these! You girls have been busy!

    Sending you a invitation to my new Blog so be on the lookout for it :)


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