Sunday, December 16, 2012

A mother’s blog post that you MUST read!

This is a link to the most amazing blog post that I have ever read.  Hands down.


I’ve never said this here before, but I have a grandson with the following diagnosis……

ADHD, Autism, mildly mentally retarded, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD).  This beautiful little red headed boy has amazing parents!  They have spent years and much money that they didn’t have finally coming up with this complex diagnosis.  Before then, every doctor that they took him to only wanted to medicate him to the point where he was practically non-functioning.  The complex testing that finally resulted in this diagnosis cost over $3000.00.  The report was 36 ( THIRTY SIX!) pages long.  It was both a great relief to know what was wrong and also very sad. 

Don’t get me wrong……my grandson does not fall into the category of children that you are about to read about.  He is  now doing much better in a school more suited to his needs.  He is happy and loving.  Always ready to give you a hug and tell you he loves you!   My point is this………

Our society today is sorely lacking when it comes to understanding (or even wanting to understand) mental health.  We push these children and their problems under the rug and then when something horrific  happens all we do is call for gun control.  Because that’s easy.  That’s like putting a bandage over the problem and just forgetting about the underlying problem.  It’s time we ALL stepped up to the plate.  The mother in this article and all others like her deserve all the help that they can get whether it’s affordable or not.  Because we know what horrible things can happen. 

So now I’ll step down off of my soap box.  Read the post in the link above.  I bet  you’ll be crying too.



  1. thank you. I have read the article and posted it to my facebook page. Sally x

  2. Denise, I agree with you 100% and more!!! It's about mental health(for the most part) and NOT about gun control. Of course, this is NOT the same for those who have used hard drugs and alcohol which can create a maniac..which then leads to horrific crimes. It makes me mad that the news media does not address the REAL ISSUES !! Roxie

  3. Thank you for sharing this... I'm going to repost it, and Email it to all my non-bloggy friends, too.
    I still say F*** the NRA (& their ilk) too ~ those kinds of guns should NOT be available for the public!!


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