Sunday, December 30, 2012

Busy Sewing!

I got my ultimate best gift ever for Christmas!  A new sewing machine!  Specifically a professional machine that will sew through all of those layers of fabric.


Even euro shams like these were nearly impossible with the little light weight machine that I had. 


No more fabric slipping and sliding all over the place making it almost impossible to finish a pretty project for a customer.

The project above was for a 13 year olds room.  For you local girls, the floral fabric came from Fabrics Unlimited.  The other fabrics came from Voos.

Heather and I are trying to create a cute boys line of painted furniture and sewn accessories.  Any suggestions??  We could use some help here for sure!   Our little guys deserve an attractive bedroom too!


I just finished this pillow.  It isn’t stuffed yet.  I took the pockets off of an old pair of khaki pants.  I’m also doing some pillows with dog silhouettes to coordinate and then some light blue pillows with chevron stripes.  Boys are so difficult to decorate for! 


Kind of a different twist with the more traditional fabrics.  I added turquoise velvet to the one underneath. 


I LOVE this pillow.  That ruffled knit was supposed to be for scarves, but we all know how that goes……I’m planning on sewing and sewing and then stuffing or adding forms closer to the show so they don’t take up so much room right now.  Oh…..what show?  The girls have talked me into doing The Affair of The Heart in February!  Apparently the three of us have officially lost our minds! 

Miss Molly has been tons of help (ha-ha) during this cold weather we’re having.  She’s designated herself official cat wrangler.  She is so funny.  She actually worries about Jack the cat if she thinks he’s been outside in the cold too long and whines and begs until I let her out and then tries to herd him back in the house.  She’s a mess!


Molly after a hard day of work.  See how the stuffing is coming out of that bottom pillow?  She paws and rearranges things to suit herself.   

I’ll let you know where we will be located at the show in February as soon as I receive that information.

Please leave a comment and let us know about any suggestions you might have for boys.  What are your little guys asking for?

Happy New Year!



  1. Affair of the Heart!!! You have lost your mind. Love the pillows....your booth will be a huge hit. I have not been to Affair of the Heart in so long...I planned on going last fall. Shannon and I hoped to, we'd planned to when she first got sick but then she wasn't well yet. I also wanted to take her to your barn sale...again to ill to move. I felt guilty going to anything without her. But I think I am going to have to insist Mom and I start going again. I can't keep missing out because others can't go. Or maybe I'll just have to go alone.

    Molly wrangling the cat made me smile. When I was a kid we had a border collie that herded our cats all the time. We had three cats and he made them walk in a group all together in the yard. He was just doing what came naturally to him. He wasn't mean to the cats but constantly moved around them and nudged them to stay together.

    Dogs make me laugh so much. Your Molly is so pretty!

  2. I love the floral fabric in that first photo the most...Miss Molly is adorable! :) Her concern about the kitty is too funny! :)

  3. Your pillows look gorgeous, Denise! Love the ruffles! : ) Happy New Year!

  4. oh Miss Molly is a pretty one! Your pillows are wonderfully adorable too!

  5. Your pillows are so beautiful! Wish I lived closer so I could go to one of your shows!!
    As far as boys go, I had four and they didn't care much what their rooms looked like but I did. They like trucks....maybe wheels with big buttons, animals...maybe made out of fur fabric with fabric bow around neck, stars, trains,etc. I know you will come up with something beautiful and useful!

    1. Thanks so much for your input! You're right....they could care less, but the Mom's sure do! Happy New Year!

  6. Yea to the new sewing machine! I love the cat wrangler, oh what a sweet dog, he could pull all the stuffing out of my pillows he wanted!

    Happy New years!


  7. LOVE all of these beauties! Happy 2013!!


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