Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We’re having a white Christmas here!  It is so beautiful but windy and cold today.  Fortunately, we haven’t had to leave the house and are inside staying warm and cozy. 

Thought I might share this amazing recipe with you. 

The best French toast EVER!!  It’s a Christmas morning classic with us.

Caution…..this stuff is addicting and definitely NOT healthy.  Which is what makes it soooooo yummy!  A great breakfast if you have guests this Holiday week.

So here you go……

Bacon, fried.  Do NOT drain your bacon grease from your griddle.

2-3 eggs per every four pieces of toast.  Beat WELL until frothy.

1 loaf French bread.  Slice your pieces about 1/2” thick.


Box of 1-step pancake mix.  We used Hungry Jack.

Powdered sugar.


After beating your eggs, throw in about a Tbs. or so of pancake mix, dry.  Do not mix in.

Dip your bread in this mixture.  Turning over several times.  You should have egg mixture plus lumpy pancake mix stuck to your bread.

Fry in your left over bacon grease.


See the pancake batter on top?  If the batter isn’t thick enough, just throw a little more on your bread, while it’s cooking.  We sprinkle a little cinnamon on top while it’s cooking.

After your toast is well browned on both sides, remove from griddle and drain on paper towels.  Surprisingly enough, this French toast is not the least bit greasy.


See all of that crusty goodness around the edges.  Yuuuummy……

Ohhh……almost forgot!


Don’t forget to sprinkle with powdered sugar!  Now serve along with all that bacon you fried!   Your family/guests will LOVE this French toast, so be sure and make plenty.

Merry Christmas!  And be sure and work in some exercise this week.  You’ll need it after a meal like this.


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  1. We had a huge pile of pancakes today. It's Christmas so I gave myself permission:) I will try your version of french toast the next time I'm feeling decedent, just without the bacon fat.
    Merry Christmas Denise



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