Friday, July 20, 2012

Arachnophobia! How I finally finished my master bedroom!

There’s nothing like opening your eyes first thing in the morning and seeing a bazillion tiny baby spiders just inches away all over your bedside table.  Now THAT’S one way to get going in the morning!
So out came the vacuum cleaner and we started cleaning.
Hubby…..”you know, when these things hatch, there can be hundreds of them.”
Sure enough, he was right.  I just hate it when that happens.  Later that night, a bunch more.  So we start emptying the entire bedroom and vacuuming as we go.  He suggests a bug bomb.  “In our BEDROOM!?” I say.  So then we start thinking……they could have hatched from ANYWHERE.  And how long have we had those mattresses??  I won’t even tell ‘ya.   WAY too embarrassing. Let’s just say we were waayyyy past the eight to ten year mark that they recommend.  Whoever “they”are.   So out they go.  Two crazy people, carrying a king size mattress and then the box springs down the stairs and outside.  I’m sure the neighbors were impressed.   It looked like trashville in the front yard.   So we drug them to the side of the house and inside the fence.
The next day……mattress shopping.  Extreme sticker shock ensued!  O……M……G……!!!!!
With the mattresses gone, I FINALLY was able to paint the bed properly.
Paris Grey chalk paint!  And YES it worked beautifully on that old brass bed!  I clear coated the entire thing and I’m tellin’ ya……you couldn’t chip that paint off if you wanted to!  AWESOME!  I had just bought the white coverlet from T.J.Maxx a couple of weeks before.  The bed skirt is from Overstock, the throw from Ikea.  I just love those stretchy throws of theirs!  And they launder beautifully!
Our ceilings in our bedroom are TALLLL.  I’ve always had a problem finding the perfect thing to go above the bed.  Then I remembered that Heather had this awesome chunky shelf with corbels that she wasn’t going to use in her new house.  I offered to buy it.  I mean….fair is fair…..right!?  She gave it to me.  GOOD daughter!
And it’s PERFECT.
It looks great on the wall.  And I added some height with the paper flowers and topiary.
All I had to do was add some Paris Grey and distress a little.  The crackle was already there.
I added this desk to my side of the bed.  I’m in love with the suitcase that I recently found at the Rink with the turquoise trim!
I painted my heavy metal/rusty urn and added the pop of pink hydrangeas.  Too bad they aren’t real.
Of course, one of my favorite things ever is the old church window where I hang my jewelry.
On Hubby’s side of the bed, I painted the frame of my memory board white.
Back against the windows, I moved in a chest (already painted) and the two chairs that were previously in my living room.
I actually like them better in the bedroom than I ever did in the living room.
On the left in my little alcove I arranged my ladder that Hubby pulled out of the neighbors trash with my vintage linens.  All I had to do was paint the ladder turquoise.
The “D'’ is made from old vintage buttons.  The canvas that I used is from a Hobby Lobby picture that I no longer wanted.  And the burlap with writing is from a reupholster job that Heather and I did.
I arranged my remaining linens on one of my mother’s vintage chairs.
Across from the bed went the bench that was in the guest bedroom.  A couple of the pillows that were previously on my bed fit perfectly. 
That’s our T.V. armoire to the right.
This has been a difficult room to decorate.  (And photograph)  It’s loooong and narrow.  But I LOVE my end result!  All I have left to do is make a decorative pillow for the bed and a pillow for each of my chairs and then I can proclaim this room “perfect” for us and our lifestyle!  And we all know THAT’s what it’s all about!
Now….on to the master bathroom!  We have a great start and it’s going to look so “purdy.”
Here’s to my new neutral bedroom.  Oh…oh….that new mattress set……HEAVEN!
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

We’re Having A Baby!

And this isn’t just any baby.  This is a baby that is going to take four of us, four very determined and dedicated women, to nurture and give birth to.  This is a BIG baby.  As in a BIG BEAUTIFUL RED barn on ten acres!!


Here she is!  Isn’t she absolutely beautiful!?


And here is our new facility for work shops and classes.  And it’s AIR CONDITIONED!!  Be still my heart! 


And a huge storage facility for all of those fabulous finds the girls are always dragging home!

So what are we going to do with this fabulous barn and 10 acres? 

Grow it into the BIGGEST……BADEST……..MOST AMAZING…….BARN SALE in this part of the country!!!

Here are a few views of the inside as it looks now.


Forget all of the junk that’s still inside, look at those amazing taalllll ceilings.



Baby oh baby!!  Oh how we love you!


Dirty dirty.  This baby needs a bath in a BIG way!


Concrete floors throughout the ENTIRE barn!  Yippee!


Looking toward the back of the property.


What would that be?  The view of the road right outside of our property.  Historic Rt. 66!!

Could it get ANY better.  A beautiful red barn…….a building for our workshops and classes……ten acres……..all right off of historic highway route 66!!  In Oklahoma centrally located and easily accessible for shoppers and vendors all over the United States!

Our first barn sale will be October 4, 5, and 6th!  Thursday evening the 4th will be our preview party.  An opportunity for people to have first pick of fabulous  merchandise and enjoy an evening of food and live entertainment.  And then shop, shop, shop, all day Friday and Saturday.


Here’s our Ms. R.  doing what she does best.  Directing and organizing.    She keeps us all motivated and moving!   I expect we’ll be seeing a LOT of this leading up to October.  And that’s JUST fine.  We’ve got a LOT of work to do.

Our fall schedule is now available HERE.  We will be providing you with further information shortly.  In the meantime, you can at least mark your calendars!

We are now taking applications for vendors.  The room is limited inside of the barn but we also have prime locations outside.  If you are interested, please e-mail me.

Are you ready for the ride?!   It’s gonna be fun in the months to come!



Monday, July 9, 2012

Back In The Kitchen!

We just finished another project in the kitchen!  Meet my new blackboard.


It’s on the door going to the utility room


I love it!  Hubby drew out the entire project for me.   I had thought about doing a separate blackboard and then attaching it to the door, but we go in and out of this door constantly.  We finally painted the blackboard paint directly onto the hollow core door.  Then we used old fence pieces for the trim.  I was going to leave the trim more rustic, but several splinters later we decided that probably wasn’t a good idea.  The trim is  painted with A.S. Provence chalk paint and then lightly glazed.  I applied several layers of clear coat.  Then Hubby attached the trim with his handy dandy nail gun!

Then…..with the door looking so pretty……I decided the center island needed a bit of a pick-me-up. 


Again….Provence chalk paint.  Then her pretty legs got a little Provence and a little Old Ochre.  Again I applied just a little bit of light glazing.


Is she stylin’ or what?! 


I would eventually love to do a zinc top. ( Baby steps Denise……baby steps.)

The kitchen is coming along.  Next I need to decide what to do about that wine rack above the fridge.  Not that I don’t love wine.  Heck I could use a couple of glasses after all of this work.  Smile

I just don’t love the wine rack any more.  It would be a major pain to tear out so I think I’ve decided to do a little curtain to cover it.

Then paint the walls.  Yuck!  Anyone up for a paint party!  Yeah…..I didn’t think so……Sad smile

Lastly….this is Miss Molly’s newest adventure.


Grab a dish towel off of end of the center island and ruuunnnnnn.  Willow cheers her on.  I wash a LOT of towels these days. 

Couldn’t get rid of those creepy eyes.  Oh well. 

Hope that everyone has a fabulous week. 

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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Just something to make you smile and say aahhhhh……..

Willow the cat and Molly.  We rescued them within two weeks of each other when they were babies.  I captured this pic. with my phone the other day.  They’re usually in perpetual motion.  Chasing each other through the house.


Sitting on the stair landing.  They’re best friends.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Jack the cat insisted on a patriotic theme for his room!

The milk glass vase collection is finally complete!

This latest “redo” actually started with my Mama’s vintage cowgirl pillow.  It was one of her last purchases before she passed away.  Then Heather had the pretty French style euro sham.  I found a vintage Ralph Lauren pillow case at the Rink.  The sheets are vintage and match perfectly!

This paint by numbers picture came from the Goodwill.  I painted the frame white.

Beside the bed.  I seem to have a lot of vintage linens with red in them.

Left side of bed.

Yes…..that’s Jack’s bowl of food on the second shelf.  What can I say.  At least Molly can’t reach it.

I used A.S. Emperors Silk to highlight my display piece.  It looks wonderful over the Paris Grey.

When I sanded, some of the previous pink and black came through.  Yummy!!

This door stop blends perfectly with the room

Red has always been a particular favorite of mine.  Surely I can leave things alone in here for awhile.  ……..maybe!

Hope you’re having a wonderful 4th. I can hear the music playing in the park not too far from us.  It’s just too blasted hot to be outside right now, for me anyway!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Love her or not?

I love……well…… unusual “stuff.”  Little quirky accessories that a lot of people would never consider.  But you’ll all understand, I know.  Bloggers are a savvy lot.  Even if it’s not so much “you”, you just get it!

For instance, this guy.

My little chalk ware bear……with saddle!  I love that guy.  He is proudly displayed in my dining room hutch.

And my Santos.  I have five.  Heather HATES my Santos.  She calls them creepy crash dummies.

Now how can you NOT love that?  Complete with glittered crown wand.

Or my articulated hand.

Holding a rhinestone bee for summer.  Accessories vary according to the season or holiday.

So when I saw THIS cute piece this weekend at  show, I HAD to have her!

I’ve never seen anything like her.  She’s huge, about 16” tall.  AND she’s chalk ware.  It was love at first sight.  Again, Heather was speechless,  she’s not fond of my new find at all.  And my husband, he gave up a long long time ago.  He just shakes his head and goes with the flow.

Her back.  Love the bow and the flowers.

I bought the white paper parasol at the same show.  She’s now sitting on my coffee table.  Right next to the caged ostrich egg and the ceramic bird!  HA

I added the vintage flower bouquet.  The little flowers are the perfect color.  She has a small hole in her right hand.  I would bet she was probably an incense holder?  Maybe in a restaurant or as a shop display. 
Any way….I’m a happy girl!  I think my new find needs a name.  She just has so much personality.

By the way…..if you are in the OKC area and you missed the Junk Hippie show this weekend, you missed a good one.  It was just one day and one building at the Fair Grounds, but the vendors were well chosen.  NOT an over flow of pricey clothing and jewelry.  NO mass produced product.  Handmade and vintage only.

  A special thank you to everyone who shopped with Heather.  She had a wonderful show.

Happy 4th of July week!



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