Monday, February 18, 2013

New Sconces and Other Stuff!

Here’s how I have Hubby help me complete projects………(Him) “You mind if I play golf tomorrow?”  A mere formality, he’s GOING to play golf.  But…..(Me) “No problem.”    Then I wait about thirty minutes……..”do you think you could hang those sconces for me today?”  

And that’s how it works.  He’s gonna do it because he knows I’ve been waiting forever AND now he can go play golf guilt free!  It works (almost) every time!

So….anywho……I purchased these sconces last summer while vacationing in Wyoming.  To sell.  HA!  But I loved them.  So here they are.  They’re that kinda “you’ll-love-it-or-hate-it, one or the other, décor.

They are so kitschy cute!  And so me!  The shades were formerly on my chandelier.  We had to mount (ha-ha) the sconces on a piece of wood.  They hung so close to the wall, it was the only way that we could add shades.  And they had to have shades.  I’m contemplating drippy hanging crystals?  But then the button shades probably wouldn’t work.  Oh…..they are resin.  Can’t you just see where these probably came from?  Someone’s basement family room with wood paneling, shag carpet, and the old herculon fabric plaid sofa.  Probably in olive greens and browns!

Here’s the other side.  And everything is freshly painted in Ben. Moore White Dove.  I love the color.  A gray base.  What I have had in the past had a yellow base and it was looking tired and well…..a little yellow!

By the way…..this lap and gap cedar was here from a previous remodel, so it stayed.  Although I love the farmhouse look, it’s not what I would have chosen.  It was a BEAR to paint! I had to brush.  Couldn’t roll.  It took FOREVER!

I snapped this pic. of poor old Miss  A. sitting in her chair.  And I mean HER chair.  It’s like her safe zone.  But I noticed the other day that she was having trouble jumping up.  So I decided she needed a comfy place in the floor.  Poor old girl.  I Immediately went the extra mile and tore my entire coffee table vignette apart and made her this.

Out of my grape picking crate.

Complete with down filled pillow.  She climbed right in!  About an hour later I walked in the room…..and she was right back in her chair.   Hasn’t been back in her new bed since.    Well, I tried, huh.

And just one more thing.  I found this print last weekend.  It looks great in the dining room.   Every Spring I seem to begin pulling out the bird nests and birds.   I would show a shot of the entire room.  But not until we paint!

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Have a great week!



  1. Thanks for the husband advice! Sounds like a great idea! Love your sconce.

  2. I like Miss A's new bed. Poor kitty. Also, that system seems to be working with your husband, and it sound brilliant to me!


  3. It all looks wonderful! I love the sconce and the new although unused kitty bed. We have to care for our little friends and even decorate with them in mind, haha. The natural theme is perfect for your room.

  4. Pretty new additions, Denise! Love the sconces.

  5. I LOVE your decorating style, and Miss A's new bed. Adorable.
    It may take forever to paint those cedar walls, but what great texture and interest they add!
    Have a happy one,

  6. Hi Denise, I love the new color, and the sconces are great.

  7. You know I am crazy for this new look don't ya? Also a little pink never hurt anyone either.
    Have fun making some Easter goodies!


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