Thursday, April 4, 2013


The last average frost date in Oklahoma is around April 15th.  This year, it looks like I may not be planting until pretty close to that date.  We’re getting lots of much much needed rain here and chilly temps.

In the meantime, I’m occupying my gardening dreams with pretty pictures from Pinterest.


We’re planning a dry creek bed in front.  Nothing as spectacular as this.  I love the way the rocks blend naturally with the landscape. 

I see many many beautiful plants and flowers that I would just love to plant, but with the heat and humidity here, not everything thrives.  Some of my favorites are….


Coleus.  It thrives here.  And can you really beat the color?  Great in pots.  Really like this pot.  So pretty with the turquoise and terracotta colors.


Sweet potato vine!  I can’t get enough of it.  Isn’t this a gorgeous window box?


Purple fountain grass.  It grows as an annual here.  And isn’t it a show stopper paired with (again)  sweet potato vine?


Great example of raised beds for a kitchen garden.  It’s on the want list.  Then again, it has been for several years!


An herb garden in an old wheel.  Clever!  Nothing smells better on a hot humid evening than herbs when you water them.  Or just brush them with your hand.


LOVE this idea!  I think it may even be doable!


Ornamental grass.  Are those hydrangeas?  I’m not sure. 


Hostas love it here.  Great for the shade.  I see a little coleus mixed in.  Beautiful path with ground covers in between the stepping stone.


Okay……now I’m just dreaming.  This is amazing! Is that a little chicken coop on the side?  Thatched roofs just remind me of garden fairies and gnomes.  Sigh…..

You can find all of the direct sources for these pictures on our garden board on Pinterest.

Are you ready to garden?

Have a lovely weekend.  Temps. back in the 70’s here this weekend before the next round of rain. 



  1. I'm thinking about outside too. I didn't do much outside last year but I am determined to make it look a lot better out there this year. My first purchase as always will be some ferns. All those things you showed do do well here....except my hostas always give it up come July...they struggle. I do love them. Yes, coleus and sweet potato vine work great every time for me. I'm getting a new fence and gate soon. I had to rip out my wisteria when the plumbing went in in now I'll need to plant something else there along with the new fence. So much to do!

  2. It was 35 degrees in my yard this morning.. We live in the pacific northwest and usually wait until the beginning of May to start planting. If I do anything sooner, I'm guaranteed a cold flash. I like the vines and grasses you have here. Flower beds are also popular here. I'm looking forward to subscribing to your blog and following along. Have a nice weekend!


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