Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Westie Named Paisley and Google+

I couldn’t resist sharing this shot of Heather’s Westie, Paisley.

Heather snapped this earlier this evening.  Those two bunny rabbits in the back yard were just about more than poor Paisley could stand!  What’s a girl to do!?
In other poor pitiful news……I am now on Google+.  For whatever that may mean!  I am one confused blogger!  I FINALLY managed, by pure luck and happenstance to figure out how to properly enter our blog profile.  While that may seem like a small feat, believe me, it was a major triumph for me.  Any advice concerning Google+ will be appreciated!
That’s it for a Sunday evening.  Tomorrow I will be showing you my guest bath.  It has received a bit of a makeover here lately!

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  1. What a cute photo....pure torture for Paisley....but very cute...haha!


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